Economic translation of texts is a written translation of documents and information in the field of economics by a professional translator who performs exactly economic translations, i.e. specializes in the economics of translation. In connection with the development of international trade relations and the growing need for the exchange of information between countries, corporations and individuals from different countries, the importance of the economic and functional transfer of information is increasing. There is no doubt that only a translation performed by a highly qualified specialist of a professional translation agency  with experience in economic organizations or in the economic sphere can satisfy the requirements. With regard to the ambiguity of the economic point of view, the situation is similar to translation of legal texts , there are ambiguous terms that have not only economic significance, but also one or more meanings from other areas. It should be noted that the use of bilingual dictionaries will rarely be useful in such cases. Not all British financial and economic conditions / terms have already been prepared and accepted in Russian or Ukrainian, often there are simply no analogues.

Economic translation – cost and complexity of translation

Economic translation is assessed based on the complexity of the translation. As a rule, we apply a mark-up for complexity from 5% to 25% of the cost of a translation of the same volume of a general subject. Until now, there are terms that simply do not have a corresponding equivalent, and the implementation of economic translation requires the translator to carefully study the entire text and search in the sources available to him for the meaning in the right context. And then you need to find the corresponding word or phrase in UK, or at least a description.

There are terms that have not yet been translated into UK , for example, there are many services of foreign banks that do not exist in Ukraine or in Ukraine, they have changed so much that it is simply impossible to take them as one hundred percent compliance. And also, since economic conditions are constantly changing and the sphere of economics as well, the translator often just needs to study a product or term and translate it descriptively.

Sometimes a translator, for a correct understanding of this term, must not only study its interpretation in a special dictionary, but read articles in foreign financial publications and other sources, and only then choose the correct translation. Of course, economic translation In such cases, it takes a lot of time, but each such experience gives the translator the opportunity to develop, and in the future there will be no need to search for this term, i.e., for example, the translation of economic articles will be completed in less than a day with a small volume. Nevertheless, an expert, one who performs economic translations and has experience in this area, will be able to understand all the subtleties and send the client an adequate translation of economic texts or articles, for example.

Translation of documents

Economics as a science is very diverse; accordingly, pure topics, as economic translation, simply do not exist. Texts can be more or less saturated with economic terminology, etc. Economic translation, as previously stated, should only be performed by a certified specialist who specializes in economic translation.

For example, legal translation services of an analytical market review, translation of economic articles, translation of economic texts, translation of advertising materials to promote a client’s products on the market. In connection with such a variety of economic documents, it is necessary to select a translator who specializes not only in economic translation, but also in a certain type of document. Our Bureau has a huge number of specialists performing economic translations of varying complexity, so we can always find a competent specialist who will be able to translate your documents.

Technical translations

Technical translations are one of the most difficult types of translations, since it is very difficult to find a high-quality translator of technical texts. Also, for example, translation of technical instructions must be additionally typeset or proofread by a native speaker.  Technical translations in English – when translating into English, it is also important to carry out specialized specialists, since it is very important to observe the same correct terminology throughout the document. Also, the involvement of professional translators in translations TranslationStudio translation agency will have a very good influence on the translation time, since a professional translator can perform even complex texts quickly enough and without losing the quality of the translation. To make sure of the quality of the translation, you can send documents and order a test translation. This means that the transfer will be completed free of charge on the next business day. This verification method applies to large orders from 50 pages. If you have a smaller volume, then we can either reduce the volume of the test translation or provide you with the option of a paid test translation.

Price for technical translations

Technical and legal translations are assessed based on the number of characters with spaces and punctuation marks in the document. Also, the translation cost is influenced by the urgency of the translation and the complexity of the text. For texts of increased complexity, the cost of translation will be calculated with an extra charge for complexity. For urgent transfers with a surcharge for urgency. Technical translations in English are usually provided with a standard 15% difficulty mark-up. Translations technically They can also be performed at a higher or lower difficulty mark-up. To find out the cost of technical translations, you need to send documents to us by mail or send documents to us through the online order form. If you do not have any more documents on hand and you just want to find out the preliminary cost, or you want to consult on the issues of translation and its cost, then just write to us in the mail or call our contact numbers. We will be happy to provide you with answers to all your questions, as well as provide a preliminary estimate of the cost and timing of the translation.

Technical translation english – translation terms

Technical translation into English or from English is performed at a rate of 5-10 conventional pages per day. Translation into English is performed at a slower speed than from English, but still in the range from 5 to 10 conventional pages. Also, for example, translation of technical instructions sometimes needs to be typeset so that the translation of the file is 1: 1 formatted with the original. Such services and other additional services affect the terms of the translation and the cost of the translation. Therefore, when ordering translationstechnical, it is worth specifying all the requirements for the translation in advance, so that we can complete the translation accurately and on time, and also note that when performing a translation, if the terms of translation or terms change, we may be forced to change the translation cost or terms depending on changes in order. In some cases, a translation is required as early as yesterday. Therefore, we are ready to perform urgent translation of documents or texts of a technical nature. Technical translations can be performed immediately after the order is confirmed, that is, within an hour or even several minutes, of course, it all depends on the volume of the text and its complexity. Usually urgent technical translations are divided among several specialists, but more correctly, they are distributed. If so, there may be typographical errors or inconsistencies. Therefore, we always ask our clients to provide the maximum term for the translation, since we want to provide you with a high-quality translation, and not a millet translation in a short time. You can find out more about urgent transfers by contacting phone numbers or by sending documents to us by mail.



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