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Imagine one day, you step foot into your basement and are welcomed by a small lake; how will you react? When you see your family photos, yearbooks, and other furniture pieces floating in the newfound lake. You will definitely want to slam your head into the nearest wall because you don’t have a clue how to clean your flooded basement and salvage your belongings. 

Now, your first thought might be to contact emergency drain service near me, but if you don’t have already picked a plumbing contractor, you might have to first find the best emergency drain service near me and then book an appointment, which might take some time. But, when your home is standing on a puddle of water, you don’t have much time to wait for the professional. 

This small but dreading story provides two lessons to homeowners – always keep contact details of emergency drain service near me with you and learn some emergency plumbing and drainage tips to quickly fix some things. Once you have called a professional to fix your drainage system, it might take a few minutes for professionals to come and fix the problem; meanwhile, you should try to provide immediate plumbing aid so that level of loss can be reduced. 

Some of the common drain and plumbing tips that every homeowner should learn are – 

Know your Main Water Supply 

When you are dealing with an emergency situation like a burst pipe or severe leakage, you need to immediately shut off of your main water supply so that leakage can be stopped. Even before contacting the emergency drain service near me, you have to shut off the water supply, but that’s only possible if you know where the main water supply is located. Now, if you don’t know where your main water supply is located, you are going to panic in an emergency situation and end up making a bigger mess. 

Mostly, the main water supply is located in the basement near the heating unit. There you might find a wheel or lever like a valve to cut off the water supply. But, every home has the main water supply at different locations, so you have to find your water supply unit to deal with emergencies. 

Know-How to Deal with Clogs

One of the most important plumbing tricks that every homeowner should know is how to deal with clogged pipes or drainage systems. When we take a shower, our lose hair strands or plastic shampoo wraps can enter inside the drainage system and clog it. This is an unavoidable situation, which can take a drastic turn with the passage of time. Thus, you have to learn a way to deal with clogged pipes without consulting the emergency drain service near me

Mostly, homeowners use a liquid drain cleaner to get rid of clogging, but you should never do that. The liquid drain cleaners have strong chemicals in them, which can damage your entire drainage system. Thus, you should use a plunger or snake-like wire to clean your clogged pipes. If you clean your pipes frequently, you never have to deal with the severe problem of clogging. 

Keep an Eye on your Water Pressure Level 

As your doctor keep an eye on your blood pressure level, similarly, you have to keep an eye on the water pressure level. You have to make sure that the proper flow of water is coming from your taps. If the pressure level isn’t correct, it is the first warning bell that something isn’t right with your drainage system. You can easily buy a cheap pressure gauge from your local hardware store and check the water pressure level of all your taps. However, if you have an adequate budget, you can install an automatic monitoring system on your taps to detect leakage and pressure. 

Get Pressure Reducing Valves

If you are dependent on municipal water supply, you should get a pressure reducing valve for your home. Municipal water supply has to pump water at an insanely high-pressure level for around 100 psi so that higher buildings can easily get the adequate flow of water. But, this could be dangerous for the longevity of your drainage infrastructure because it is designed to handle water pressure better 50-60 psi. Thus, if you install a pressure reducing valve, it will automatically adjust the pressure level so that you don’t have to worry about inconsistent municipal water supply pressure and maintain your drainage system. 

Maintain your Toilet 

One of the most important parts of a bathroom is the toilet; thus, you have to make sure that your toilet is always working properly without any glitch. You should always flush your waste and toilet paper into the toilet, and never flush paper towels or baby wipes into it – this might clog up your toilet. If you don’t own a plunger, you should get one to keep your toilet clog-free. 

Whenever you find your flush tank leaking or producing weird noises, it is a first sign that you have to replace it. Sometimes, leaks in the flush tank are so small that you won’t realize until it’s too late. Thus, you can put food coloring into the water tank to detect the small leaks. 

Keep Your Gutters Clean 

Gutters are not directly related to your home drainage and plumbing system, but clogged gutters can turn your home into a water pool. Thus, you should pay attention to your gutter cleaning as well. You don’t have to clean your gutters daily; once or twice yearly is going to be sufficient for the health of your gutters. You can book a periodic appointment with emergency drain service near me so that they can automatically clean your gutters. 

You never know when you have to deal with an emergency plumbing situation at your house, especially if you aren’t properly maintaining your drainage system. Thus, it is highly recommended to learn some common plumbing tips to avoid an emergency situation. However, if you don’t have time to keep an eye on your drainage system, you can keep contact details of Advanced Professional plumbing company with you always because they will instantly fix your plumbing problems. 

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