It’s normal for couples to experience that their marriage is on the rocks. If you’re one of them it may seem easy to get sucked into a dark whirlpool of doubting thoughts. You question yourself if you should stay or it’s time to go. You want to come to a decision and a conclusion that your relationship is over. 

However, if your partner is abusing in many aspects such as emotionally, physically, and mentally, then leave your home immediately. However, if this is not the case, your marriage may just some serious attention, consideration, and repair. So try to hang in there and don’t call a family lawyer yet to settle a divorce. Here are some signs that your marriage can still be saved:


Your Partner Still Respects You 

Couples will normally have arguments and problems but still give respect for one another and consider how the other would feel. In your marriage, if you still receive the same amount of respect that you deserve, it’s a great sign that your marriage can still be saved when there is respect for each other. 


Your Life Won’t Be Complete Without Your Spouse

Just think about your birthday, Christmas, and don’t forget Thanksgiving. Can you really picture yourself without your partner? Be honest when you answer this question. If you can’t, then your marriage is worth another shot. 

In marriage, couples depend on each other which is not wrong as marriage is a union, and both lives are bound to get tied up. So it’s totally okay to count on your partner, it’s part of the beauty of the marriage. 


Everything Started When You Had Kids

This doesn’t mean we are blaming the kids, but if your non-stop misunderstandings started when you had children, both of you need to understand. It’s normal to feel tired all the time when you become a mother or father. You will be stressed and worn out, and you lose time for intimacy for each other. 

All parents enjoy raising their children and it’s not as if you want to be tired and stressed out, buy children necessitate dedication and adjustments. You will surpass this and your relationship will work. This just means that you need to support each other more when it comes to parenting and not focus on what is lacking. 


You Feel As If You’re Suffering About Leaving 

Is the idea of leaving tormenting you? You can’t come up with a decision? Then this is a sign that you don’t want to give up your relationship that easily. If you have the desire to stay, and you provide yourself with reasons that you can’t leave, then it’s a sign that you still want to save the relationship. 


You Admit That You Are Not Perfect 

Deep inside you know that you are not the perfect spouse. As you try to save your marriage, you see the importance of seeing the situation from both sides and you understand your shortcomings. Recognizing and admitting that you are not the perfect spouse, then you are giving things a chance to turn around. If you know how to admit your own mistakes and you do your best to bring positive changes, you can definitely save your marriage. 


The Problems Are Not That Serious

Breathe and observe, are your problems really about your relationship? Think about the things that make you think your marriage is worth saving, and from that, assess if it’s the best idea to get a divorce. Did your partner abuse you? Is there violence? Did your spouse cheat on you?

Are your problems consists of being stressed out, finances, and getting irritated with each other, not achieving certain goals, and the like can all be worked out. These are just trials and most couples would overcome it!


You Love The Person At the End of the Day 

Should you save your marriage? Remember that love is important and if it’s still there, then your marriage is worth fighting for. Your marriage will never save itself alone, and if you consider filing a divorce it would be just unfair for both of you and your children. 


You Still Respect the Sanctity of Marriage

Although you are having thoughts about divorce, you never flirt with another person, and you still respect the value of marriage and even your spouse. And even if you feel irritated and there are so many misunderstandings, you are still given respect by your spouse. Don’t you think it’s not a good idea to file a divorce? Most probably it’s just challenges, pressure, and stress that pushes you to get out of that marriage?


You Still Want to Do Something About Your Marriage

Before you try asking yourself if the marriage is still worth saving, have you even bothered to try to talk it out with your spouse? You can put some effort together in discussing this matter and if both if you want to work it out, then that’s the answer. Remember that if a marriage is worth fighting for, then it’s a marriage worth working hard for.

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