Stress and anxiety are two diseases that concern almost 264 million people worldwide, and as of 2015, and that the Centers for Disease Control report that stress leads to 80 percent of illnesses. Extended stress may be connected to a variety of health illnesses and illnesses, like asthma, type 2 diabetes, and coronary heart disease, as well as anxiety-related problems, like eating habits, irritable bowel syndrome, and drug misuse.

There are several ways to relieve stress, particularly at this period with so much confusion. Although exercising in a gym or running in a park can no longer be achieved due to the implemented lockdown, just watching Netflix and cooling tension can be minimized in most countries.
Others might instead do relaxing workouts or their homes like yoga or other calming exercises. In contrast, others would find a place to relax while finding the time to look through their books that were purchased a long time ago but never read. Or some might have learned new skills, such as painting, baking, or cooking.

Stress-free drinking and know the benefits

One of the best ways to fight tension is to drink liquids that have some benefits for your bodies. Green tea is no exception to this. While tea is commonly used to aid digestion after meals, have you ever wondered why it is often offered in spas after a soothing massage? Since green tea has been shown to provide mental-health effects for the drinker, such as reducing tension.

Apart from its favorable taste, green tea facilitates various health benefits, including neuroprotection, cholesterol-lowering properties, good antioxidant capacity, and high emotional state, sleep quality, and hypertension suppression. If you feel particularly depressed and insecure regularly, you can find it hard and struggling to lose weight. It also helps to control cholesterol, aging, minimize allergic reactions, and blood pressure.

Research study on green tea

In research performed in 2019, the intake of green tea was developed to decrease the activity of toxic metals such as cadmium and lead within the body of mammalian models and to shield the drinker from mental stress.

Also, caffeine, which accounts for up to 5 percent of green tea’s dry weight, is known to improve one’s mood. Research shows that drinking five or more cups of green tea daily may reduce psychological distress by up to 20 percent. Drinking green tea reduces stress hormone levels, which is called cortisol. If this stress hormone gets too strong and the adrenals or two walnut-sized organs that rest on the top of the kidneys that regulate the hormones in the body and help to withstand traumatic conditions are continually overwhelmed, it causes an allergic inflammatory reaction in the body, which can contribute to weight gain, trouble concentrating, sleep deficiency, fatigue or the worse, which can lead to chronic or cardiovascular disease.

There are multiple green tea suppliers worldwide, which enables you to get your favorite flavored green tea in no time. Add green tea to your life and reduce stress!

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