Vastu consultant in Ludhiana

Vastu is an ancient knowledge of space arrangement originating in India. It helps to create a place where we can live harmoniously and where our potential will develop. Magic? Maybe, but experts say this magic works! Your apartment says a lot about you, about your life. If you believe Vastu, you chose them not by accident. Moreover, if you change something in your physical space, something in your living space will also change. How it’s working?

It’s simple, we are part of nature, we influence each other. And only when combined with the universal energy of the Universe we can achieve balance. In India, the energy is known as prana. Vastu take into account the distribution of the five elements (although they are not the same element). There are many indications that this knowledge is rooted in India. That it was on the basis of Vastu that other related and often simplified systems were created.

Often you might have heard that Vastu consultant in Ludhiana emphasizes that the house you live in is a metaphor for your life. By looking at him, a Vastu consultant is able to assess your professional and financial situation. How you relate to your partner and other family members. What is your health condition and what is threatening it. What are your values. How are you sleeping. What are you struggling with. How much effort do you need to put into achieving your goals. What are your prospects for the future … Moreover, the diagnosis does not end there. Every detail can be important, even the arrangement of mirrors, plants, colors … Some people are afraid of interference from the outside – they have their own habits, their own taste. But it happens that the changes proposed by consultants are invisible to the eye. And yet felt. The fact is, the most serious defects of the apartment cannot be eliminated. But sometimes it is enough to move the furniture a bit, change the position of the bed. Finally – apply remedies. And suddenly something changes, not only in the decor but also in life.

Jantry and remedies

Yantras are one of the most popular remedies. – These are geometric shapes created and designed in such a way as to generate a certain type of energy. Depending on the situation, they can trigger the desired impact or neutralize the harmful one. Astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab brings balance. They are extremely effective, whether or not you believe them to work.

Vastu and Jyotisha assign a specific color to each planet. In addition, the planets are associated with the days of the week. What can you do with this knowledge? Firstly, look at the arrangement of the apartment and make sure that the colors of the ruling planets appear in places corresponding to each direction. Suppose you need more optimism. Determine which part of the apartment is in Jupiter’s northeast, and put something yellow there. You can also surround yourself with this color, regardless of the arrangement of the directions.

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