RV softness toilet tissue roll

Did you ever imagine, the basic-looking, plain, white toilet paper rolling in your washroom can do anything other than wipe your butts after the task is done, basically just wiping out poop. If your answer is a yes, thumbs up to your imaginative minds, and if no, then let me open doors to the world of creativity.

In this article, let’s have a look at the number of not-so-popular purposes for which you can use toilet paper other than cleaning the douche.

Makeup Removing Wipes

Imagine you are clubbing or out on a date or anywhere else dolled up, you go to the loo, and realize that some part of your makeup needs to be fixed, and you have no facial wipes with you. Do not worry, grab a toilet paper, add in some cream if you have, or the basic handwash will also do. Add it to the tissue, and your makeup wipe is ready.

Menstrual Hacks

If you are out for an important meeting, or a movie, or are sight-seeing somewhere, you go to the restroom to freshen up, and you have an unannounced guest – your period. You have no tampons or sanitary napkins with you, what next? If you do not want to stain your clothes till you reach a store and get your hands on some menstrual supplies, you can stuff your panty with Ultra-Soft Toilet Tissue to avoid staining your bottom wear.

Stuffing the Assets

Before we dive into this one, let me tell you that I have never tried this myself, and it seems a bit bizarre to me. But I am sharing this one with you as I read it somewhere. If you are out with a hot guy, and are sure that this meeting is just about checking out and ogling at each other, you can stuff your bra to make your tits look more fuller instantly.

Gift Wraps

If you bought the gift but forgot to get it packed, and have no time to rush to the store to get it wrapped or pick up some wrapping supplies, toilet tissues can come to your rescue. You can pack the gift with toilet tissues, and later paint it with sharpies or nail colors. You can also keep the wrap white, and with the help of a pencil or a sharpie draw on it, if you are good at sketching.

Try out these fun ideas with your Marine Toilet Tissue, and be the ultimate DIY king or queen.

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