Distance Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of online courses

Benefits of online courses

1.      Online training is very flexible

Since distance learning does not require you to be physically present in a classroom or to follow a timed schedule, it is entirely up to you to decide where, when, and how you want to study. Do you need to take care of something important in the morning? No problem, finish your schoolwork later in the afternoon or evening.

2.      Online education helps you become more technically savvy

Online learning becomes the most popular in this era. Distance learning use different types of sophisticated technology to be able to complete educations. By accessing study materials electronically, submitting information via websites, and spending time on online forums to interact with teachers and students, you will inevitably become more technically savvy.

  1. More interaction

Researchers have divided opinions about online courses and traditional teaching, and what is best for promoting interaction. Some studies show that e-learning can increase interaction for people with certain personality types. In comparison with ordinary classroom environments, distance learning can e.g. enable higher participation in chats or discussion forums for shy or introverted students.

  1. Comfort

As a student, you can do your daily activities and write your homework wearing your pajamas. Studying in a familiar environment can make it easier to concentrate and finish writing assignments. Alternatively, a student can spend free time on e.g. the train to complete a task on your mobile or computer. Some students experience performance anxiety when participating in courses with other people. Studying on your own relieves this type of stress and can help students do better. It can also help students to concentrate when they are not surrounded by other students all the time.

  1. Lower costs

Online courses save you a lot of money as it does not require as many teachers and materials. You spend almost no money on classrooms or training rooms.

  1. Take that dream course!

With online courses, you do not have to commute long distances or move to another city. It will be much easier to take your dream course if it is available online. You will not have to spend large sums of money on transportation or a move.

  1. Tailored to different needs

Participants can learn at their own pace. If someone is faster than the remaining participants, they no longer have to wait for them. If, on the other hand, a participant is slower than others, he can take the time he needs. The course creators can also tailor the course depending on the students’ varying needs.

Disadvantages of online courses

  1. Impersonal

Teaching in a traditional classroom takes place within a social context. On the other hand, interaction with other people is not the main purpose of an online course. Some students really need a teacher to be able to learn a new subject. Having an educator on-site who answers questions and solves one’s problems is only possible in the context of traditional teaching.

  1. Learning from a computer screen

“You will hurt your eyes” parents usually say to children when they have been sitting at the computer for too long. Sitting in front of a computer screen for several hours straight can cause poor eyesight, strain injuries, and back problems. Some subjects also need practical exercises that cannot be demonstrated with online courses.

  1. It requires a lot of self-discipline

If your participants lack self-discipline, it is quite unlikely that they will have the motivation to complete an online course. There will not be a person there to help them get started with the tasks.

4. Misses campus life and meeting new people

Many meet their friends for life as well as their respective in the school desk. Unfortunately, it is all the more difficult to make these contacts and relationships when completing your distance learning. You can otherwise see it as a low price to pay to be able to study an education that is not possible in any other way. You may also visit here about distance learning.


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