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Trucks are an essential part of the industrialized economy. They also represent one of the greatest dangers on the street today. With incredible weight and unstoppable force, a driver only takes one wrong move to endanger the lives of everyone around them, including your own.

Types of Trucks and Accidents

Accidents involving large truck

When you think of truck accidents, you envision huge commercial trucking trucks. That’s understandable since it’s almost always the most commonly featured truck when the news highlights a particular traffic accident. They produce dramatic images, but they are not the only trucks with serious accidents on highways and streets.

News reports and the general public use interchangeable terms when referring to trucks. While a few are comprehensible, others might be unclear. Is a semi-trailer the same as an articulated truck? Or is it different? Read on to learn more.

Semi-trailer – Also known as bunker trucks, this is the front of the truck. It is where the engine and the driver’s cab are located. They can be driven alone. An unlades semi-trailer or attached platform is a common sight on highways. Even unloaded, these are large vehicles that can cause serious damage and injury in a crash.

Articulated Trucks – There are several names for a tractor truck with an attached cargo trailer. One of them is an articulated truck. Other well-known terms are 18-wheeler truck, semi, and a tractor-trailer. Those are all terms for the same type of truck, and they are all classified as commercial vehicles. If they are fully charged, they require a skilled driver to control them. Given its sheer size, there is no that kind of thing as a scratch between a passenger car and an articulated truck.

Tanker Trucks– These kinds of vehicles syndicate two hazards: a huge truck and dangerous materials. Tanker trucks use to be recognised to have caught fire upon influence, making a thoughtful accident yet more terrible for everyone tangled. In addition to the accident itself, a driver unfortunate enough to get into a tanker accident can suffer burns and injuries from smoke inhalation. Deaths are also common.

Delivery Trucks: Amazon has changed how you shop. But heaps of deliveries define thousands of Amazon vans and trucks on the road. That cannot be counting the further delivery trucks. Like big trucks, many of those drivers are also trying to meet deadlines. A collision with a speeding delivery truck can result in an accident and serious injury to people in passenger vehicles.

Utility Trucks – Utility trucks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can comprise ambulances, street cleaning trucks, postal trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, and even construction trucks. Unlike articulated trucks, utility trucks usually have access to all the highways and roads, regardless of size. And if they are answering to a crisis, they can go fine over posted speed limits.

There is one other unique fact to consider if you are in a utility truck accident. In most cases, they are owned by municipal, state, or federal agencies. That means anyone involved in a utility truck accident only has six months to file an accident claim.

When is it time to hire a truck accident attorney?

truck accident lawyer

It is a good policy to take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Victims who have the advice of a truck accident attorney houston early in their case may have a better chance of filing a successful lawsuit. Experienced personal injury attorneys regularly fight for the rights of injured victims to seek the compensation to which they are entitled.

An attorney will significantly benefit you if your accident involves the following circumstances:

Serious injury or physical damage | the longer your physical recovery takes, the more complex your case will be. You may also receive more excellent compensation than you would otherwise have to cover additional medical bills. Serious injuries can turn a simple case into a complicated legal process.

A company vehicle was involved | whether it’s a commercial semi-trailer truck or a small chain delivery van, having an accident with a company vehicle can complicate the legal process. Perhaps a company vehicle was involved. Then those responsible may be the driver of the vehicle, the company that maintains it, or the fleet’s operator.

Last Words

Your life is more than a truck accident. After your truck accident, however, you will need help to regain the quality of life you once enjoyed. Look for a law firm whose team has decades of education and experience and is well prepared to partner with clients like you in their pursuit of justice.

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