Different Mother’s Day Traditions All across the Globe

Mother’s day, a day that reminds us to cherish the mother’s love towards her child. In our busy schedules, this day squeezes in to dedicate some time to the person who has given us life, our mother. A mother’s love is the epitome of pure and unconditioned love, the kind that you can only expect from your mothers in this materialistic age. For ages, mothers are seen as the biggest supporters of their child, let it be their first school day, first football game, first job interview or anything; she is there to have your back at all times. A mother’s love has so much power and purity that it quickly and distinctly stands out from all other bonds that we have.

Different Mother’s Day Traditions All across the Globe

So, every mom is a superwoman for her child. As a son or a daughter, it is our responsibility to make mother’s day memorable for our moms to the best of our capabilities. For everything that she does for us, this may be the least that we could do. So, seeing that Mother’s day is fast approaching, how do you plan on surprising your mom? When we talk about surprises, they usually depend on how close the person in question is to us.

Accordingly, our mothers deserve a grand gesture and love when it comes to Mother’s day. Even if you are away from your mom, there are so many online stores you can have fun with, such as go for Online flower delivery in India and let her know that she is always on your mind no matter how far you are. Let’s see a few traditions followed by people across the world to celebrate a mother’s love.

United States of America:

In the USA, the mother’s day celebration dates back to the 1900s. On this day, the mothers take their day off from their daily schedules, such a household chores, and their kids in the kitchen replace them. Kids cook different cuisines depending on their mother’s favourites and take them out for a fun outing. This outing can be a quick shopping spree or a short vacation to make her feel special and adored. Kids gift their mothers beautiful white and pink Carnations as they stand for the pure and unaltered mother’s love. Kids spend some quality time with their mothers to relive all the beautiful memories they have with each other.


In Mexico, people prefer celebrating May 10th by going out on lunch or dinners with their mother or sometimes with the whole family all together. Sometimes get-togethers are conducted wherein people unite with their families and have traditional Mexican dishes. Children shower their mothers with gifts such as flowers, greeting cards, dresses, and so much more to express their gratitude towards her and everything that she has done for them. People also re-enact beautiful memories of their lives to relive them.

United Kingdom:

In the UK, Mothers day is essentially celebrated by the name, Mothering Sunday’s and comes on the 4th Sunday of the Lent Year. The main essence of this special occasion lies around good food. Kids prepare or order delicious dishes for their moms. They also gift greeting cards and flowers on this day to make their mothers feel loved and pampered. Kids even engage in baking activities to bake the perfect traditional Simnel cake for their moms and make some delicious breakfast for them to have right in bed.


In Italy, Mother’s day is also popularly referred to as La Festa Della Mamma. In Italy household, Mother’s play a major role. In Italy, this day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May Month. There is no massive celebration on this day, but there is plenty of small surprise for the mothers on this day. Kids gift beautiful gifts to their mothers, including flowers and cards. People spend quality time with their mothers and make them feel special.


In India, just like all other countries, mother’s day is celebrated with zeal and joy. In our tradition, mothers are considered equal to goddesses. Kids worldwide take their moms out to lunch or dinner and gift them flowers and other gifts. On this day, mother’s are treated like a princess, and rightly so, for all that she does for us, a pamper day is the least we can give her.


Mothers mark essential support systems in our lives. Every year, people worldwide celebrate Mother’s day with enthusiasm and love towards their moms. No matter what the country or the culture may be, and no matter when this beautiful day may be celebrated, the feelings and thought behind this day will be inclined towards making our mothers feel important and loved. Even if you are not together with your mom, you can always send mother’s day flowers to surprise her. It is said that because God cannot be everywhere, he made moms, and we think that is beautifully true. So, which country’s traditions are you going to follow this Mother’s day?

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