Dental emergencies can potentially threaten your life, so they need urgent dental treatment. Obviously, no one plans to get dental emergencies, but in some cases, they are unavoidable, such as falling off a bicycle. When one faces dental emergencies, it is important to refer to an emergency dentist right away to increase the chances of saving his tooth and prevent further infection. Dental emergencies are unexpected, frightening, and painful. They are believed to be common dental issues- more common than you can even think of. As reported by Walk In Dental Clinic, almost half of adults and children (between the age of 6 to 11) suffer from gum disease, and they have symptoms of tooth decay. Keep in mind that when there is a matter of dental emergencies, timing is vital; the longer you hesitate, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

Real Dental Emergencies

Whenever you undergo a dental problem, you make a dentist’s appointment. Imagine you are on holiday, or it’s midnight. What would you do then? That’s when you turn to the emergency dentist. It is important to decide whether you are having a regular dental problem or you are going through a serious dental emergency. Dental emergencies are common- they are common on an unimaginable scale, but not all dental issues are regarded as dental emergencies. Dental emergencies are usually characterized by severe pain and discomfort. The real question is: What exactly should be considered a dental emergency? The answer to this question lies within the answers to the following questions.

  1. Have you lost your tooth? It is not normal at all for an adult person to have his teeth out of place. In this case, you are definitely dealing with a dental emergency. The comforting news is that if you get immediate dental treatment, you can save your missing tooth.
  2. Is your mouth bleeding excessively? Many of us notice minor bleeding when we brush or floss. Sometimes our mouth or gums bleed excessively. In this situation, the chances are extremely high that you have gum disease. Make an appointment with an emergency dentist quickly to prevent further damages.
  3. Do you have a loose tooth? Having a loose tooth is not something common among adults. Even if you don’t feel any pain, a loose tooth is a warning that something is wrong with your teeth. If you have a loose tooth, do not attempt to remove it, and visit an emergency dentist instantly.
  4. Are you going through severe pain? Needless to say, that pain has never been a good sign. When you are experiencing tooth pain, and you suffice to apply self-medication, if the pain eases, it might be a tooth sensitivity or dental cavity. However, if the pain doesn’t go away, you may have to consider referring to an emergency dental clinic.
  5. Is there any swelling? A swollen face or jaw has many meanings; a broken jaw, dental abscess, etc. In any case, swelling is a serious warning. Don’t ignore it and visit an emergency dentist right away.

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