The CSM certification training is an entry-level certification that allows professionals the scope to tread into the Scrum domain. Professionals through the Certified Scrum Master certification training, get a chance to comprehend all the fundamentals and the elements related to Scrum and Agile framework. The CSM Certification aims at offering all the basic understanding and knowledge related to scrum.

The CSM certification is a global credential and the scrum framework has achieved momentum among several organizations. Today, most of the organizations are motivating their employees towards the acceptance of scrum methodologies owing to the fact that these methods are proven to produce the desired results and outcomes.

Through the CSM certification training, the professionals are able to get accustomed to the scrum methods through which they can work toward increasing the overall productivity in the organization. The Certified Scrum Master certification is the best certification for the beginner’s as it delivers thorough comprehension of Scrum and Agile methods.

To get started with the CSM certification, the candidates can begin with the Certified Scrum Master training online that covers all the topics and the briefing about Scrum methods that are necessary for adapting to the Scrum framework. The CSM certification training is a mandatory step that one needs to take in order to take the CSM credential.


CSM certification Training Requirements 

The CSM certification can be taken by anyone who is interested in comprehending the Certified Scrum Master certification. There are no specific experience requirements for taking the CSM qualification. However, to have some experience will accelerate your chances of getting an overall understanding of Scrum and Agile.


Career prospect

The professionals are able to work with the world’s leading companies after getting certified with the CSM certification. The role that one can take over are as follows:

  • Scrum master

  • Delivery lead

  • Agile scrum master

  • Program manager

  • Project manager

  • Agile coach

  • Automation engineer

  • Project lead.


CSM certification steps

For taking the CSM certification, the candidates can take the following path:

  • Enroll for a two day CSM course offered at Edukasion. Take the training and get ready for the CSM examination.

  • Receive the link which consists of the login credentials after the successful completion of the course.

  • Through the link, you can create your own login credentials.

  • After thorough preparation take the CSM examination that is of an hour and consist of 50 multiple choice based questions.

  • In the examination, the participant needs to score a minimum of 74 per cent to qualify the Certified Scrum Master certification exam after taking the CSM certification training course.

  • Once you qualify the CSM test, you will receive the licence agreement. Accept it.

  • After accepting the licence agreement you will receive the CSM designation which will be valid for two years.


After the completion of the two year period the candidates must go for the renewal process to maintain the CSM qualification.


Target followership

The ideal target audience for the CSM certification training is as follows:

  • Software engineers

  • Product managers

  • Project Managers

  • Team leaders

  • Business analysts

  • Development team member

  • Testers

Since CSM is a basic course in the scrum domain which is why anyone who is interested in taking the course can take it without having to worry regarding his or her qualification.


CSM certification training objectives

  • First and foremost the CSM Certification training course aims at rendering the overall comprehension of the scrum fundamentals that are required in order to understand the foundation of Agile and Scrum.

  • The training aims at offering the knowledge pivotal to scrum terminologies, varied concepts and scrum processes.

  • Get insight into the role of a Scrum master and also understand the responsibilities that a scrum master has to fulfil in the organization.

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