Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake has become a popular strain among consumers and growers. The strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes from a couple of popular genes. Consumption of Wedding Cake provides a comfortable euphoric feeling. Seasoned consumers can recognize the strain through its pungency. If you are a beginner, you can find a guide on the wedding cake terpenes below.

What Is the Secret behind the Name of Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake strain comes from two popular parent strains, and they are Girl Scout and Cherry Pie. Both these parent strains are sweet. Thus, a hybrid of these two strains has to be sweet. For carrying the legacy of sweetness, makers named the strain as wedding Cake.

How Wedding Cake Became Popular?

Being a viscosity booster strain, the wedding cake has drawn immense popularity among consumers throughout the world. In Southern California, the Wedding Cake strain took birth. In 2019, it became the “Leafy’s Strain of the year”. From the USA, it gradually becomes popular in Canada and other parts of the world. Canadians call the strain Pink Cookies.

What Should Consumers Expect from Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake offers euphoric effects, though it does not provide highly elevated experiences. The strain can reach 25% of THC, and the CBD level remains at 0.1%. Beginners can enjoy the Wedding Cake for a well-balanced effect. People with low tolerance to THC should avoid the strain.

The dense smoke of the strain will make you feel relaxed. Your mind will become euphoric, and the effects may last a few hours. The strain can highlight your senses, and you will feel more creative after consuming wedding cake terpenes.

How Does Wedding Cake Taste?

Since Wedding Cake comes from two sweet parental strains, you can expect it to be sweet. However, you will start with the pungent smell in the beginning. After that pungency, there will not be any surprises. The strain is a dessert with many layers, while the aftertaste is fruity.

Are There Any Therapeutic Qualities of Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake has therapeutic quality, and it is a well-known viscosity booster. Consumption of the strain can make your feel relaxed. Thus, it works against stress and anxiety. The Wedding Cake can stimulate your mind to feel creative and euphoric. People with depression and sleeping disorders will find relief after consuming Wedding Cake.

What Are the Side-effects of Wedding Cake?

Some people may experience a few mild side effects after consuming Wedding Cake. Redness in the eyes is the commonest aftermath. Apart from that, you may feel hungry frequently.

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