The USA is now under the threat of widespread COVID-19 healthcare fraud, and cases are soaring every day. These scams have been present even before the incorporation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the advent of the global Pandemic. The state and federal law enforcement agencies have increased their crackdowns on criminals involved in this fraud. There has been an increase in cases when it comes to fake vaccination records and counterfeited medical supplies that are a huge threat to society today.

John LeBlanc of Manattexplains the gravity of the situation

Esteemed healthcare lawyer John M. LeBlanc, partner, national healthcare litigation, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, states, “The global pandemic highlighted many weaknesses in the systems that serve humanity, healthcare being the most affected,” and adds “Healthcare fraud was the most significant source of illicit funds in the nation with over $100B in proceeds and accounted for more than 35 percent of all illegal proceeds laundered in the United States.”

The government is beefing up its efforts to stop fraud

John LeBlanc of Manatt adds that the biggest source of fraud in the nation today is the misappropriation of funds from the Provider Relief Fund. He says that this points to one of the largest sources of medical fraud in the nation. The above fraud is also one of the biggest sources of medical relief in the nation. The government has focused its targets on people that are receiving funds from this Fund. He says these funds are distributed by grants and other mechanisms for payments to healthcare providers that are eligible to reimburse them for the costs related to healthcare or the lost revenue that is attributed to COVID-19.

However, all the healthcare providers retaining these payments from the Provider Relief Fund should certify that all of these funds are used only for these reasons. They should attest to the terms and conditions associated with the payments and other relevant regulations statutes.

He says that at present, under Medicare, there are more than 4.5 million claims every day. The government is targeting fraudsters who have received the Provider Relief Fund funds made as an integral part of the extensive Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act in the USA.

The Pandemic and its adverse effects on the nation

He further goes on to state that as the Pandemic continues its assault on people and the system of healthcare, the cases of fraud are increasing and becoming even more dangerous. The public considers healthcare workers to be highly respectable and have a lot of integrity.

In many cases, John LeBlanc of Manatt says frontline healthcare workers are placing their lives at risk daily and caring for people infected with the highly contagious coronavirus infection. Sadly, some fewer people are honorable now, and they will go to extreme lengths to profit from the Pandemic and take advantage of the leniency when it comes to assisting the medical community to treat patients more effectively.

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