Crew Transfer Vessel

Crew transfer is a routine activity for onshore and offshore projects including those involving wind farms, cable laying, oil drilling, aquaculture, floating solar power generation, submarine pipelines, land reclamation, etc. Since all these jobs involve working deep into or near the sea, you need to arrange for safe transportation and transfer of crew to and from the project site. 

There are commercial charters who specialize in operating a fleet of high-quality crew transfer vessels that can operate in shallow depths where other vessels can’t venture. Such vessels vary widely in length depending on the requirement and are designed for safe and comfortable operation. You may need 20 meters, 13 meters, 18 meters, 30 meters, 28 meters, or any other length of crew transfer vessel. You may need a vessel for operating in rivers, harbors, offshore waters, or coastal waters. The make, built, capacity and other factors depend on the size of crew, site of operation, and place of navigation. 

In general, these vessels have the following features:-

  • They are fitted with a range of systems like Interchangeable bow systems to work with different platforms, a Jet propulsion system for super shallow draft, Shock absorbing passenger seats, Heated cabins, CCTV and PA systems, etc. 
  • They also have ample storage for storing kit bags of crew, wet zones for hanging damp clothes, etc.
  • Some vessels also offer WIFI facilities. 

A Database Of Vessels

Different onshore and offshore projects necessitate different types of vessels. This calls for a good database of transfer vessels. Needless to say, in the absence of a good database of vessels you have to rely on costly marine brokers. These people have a database of vessels for hire operating at different water bodies in different parts of the world. However, when you are at their mercy renting a vehicle can become prohibitively costly. This is why you need to look for a database of marine vessels. Such a database can help you select and rent a vessel in any part of the globe. Not just that it is cheaper than hiring the services of a broker, this also gives you ample choice of vessels.


If you need to hire a crew transfer vessel for transferring crew from an offshore or onshore project, you need to look for a database of vessels. Indeed, you now have the option of selecting the best one from a database; no more haggling with a marine broker.

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