Used Maserati cars in India and around the globe are a big hit today. The high degree of depreciation levels of this premium luxury brand becomes their crucial USP in the market of pre-owned cars. But did you know that by the 1980s itself our hero (I mean Maserati cars) had starred in several movies including Rocky 3 and even The Dead Zone? Oh yes, there are a lot of things we didn’t know about Maserati. Let us look at some of the unknown facts of this supreme brand of automobiles.

  1. The Championship Titles:

          It was the year 1975 when Juan Fangio (El Maestro) the racing car driver from Argentina who dominated the first 10 years of Formula One racing by winning the World Championship not once, not twice but five whole times returned back to drive for Maserati and bagged four Grand Prix titles. This was a highlight year for the brand but one of the first Maserati cars won the Targa Florio in 1926 that won the ninth place. A lot of wins were in Maserati’s favor especially in the pre-war Grand Prix races. Maserati won points in all the Worlds Sports Car Championship except for one-year 1958. All these events marked a historical presence in the racing field and thus Maserati came to be one of the lions of the racing cars’ jungle. And when looking for used Maserati cars in India and everywhere else, the sports angle plays a major role as it ensures the power that will be sustained even if the cars are passed down to multiple owners.

  1. The manufacturing:

          Not always was Maserati a tycoon in the automobile field. Neither was this executive brand a premium luxury one. Did you know that before it started making cars, Maserati was best known for spark plugs? Now you find used Maserati cars in India and in almost every place but initially, for the first 20 years after Maserati was born, they only built racing cars and racing cars only. An example of the same is Tipo 26B. And the first ever road car built was in 1947. It was a car named A6. And it is still on display at The Maserati centennial exhibition that took place in Modena, Italy.

  1. The logo:

          The infamous trident logo of Maserati is the symbol of the brand. It is what people around the world recognize the brand by. When buying used Maserati cars in India or wherever you are from, the authenticity is first checked by checking the logo. But here is the fun fact, this logo that Mario Maserati created was inspired by the statue of Neptune, the roman equivalent of Poseidon, whose statue is erected on a fountain in Bologna, where the Maserati family is from. Neptune represented the strength in the brand of Maserati and also the family’s roots.

  1. Effects of First and Second World War:

          As the exquisite brand Maserati was started pre-war, the war without a doubt had immense effects on the Maserati brothers that challenged their passion as the brothers had to go to war. It was Ernesto Maserati who handled the automobiles when his brothers had to go off to war. A few minor setbacks they faced and got back on their feet when the next one fell. World War II. The Maserati brothers had to yet again go for the war that resulted in the abrupt stop in the manufacturing of cars as Italy was a part of the Axis. But here again, Maserati shone through as they had to fight through and make a car for the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. But once the war was over, Maserati sprung back stronger into the car manufacturing arena and took it by a storm. Used Maserati cars in India and everything else had slowly started coming up around the 1980s too.

  1. The ownership of Fiat:

          Maserati was eventually owned by de Tomaso who bought the ownership from the Italian government but then again sold the partial control to Fiat. Not just Maserati but Innocenti was also sold the same way. But later on, Maserati was the brand that survived and eventually Tomaso ended up selling it all to Fiat which made Fiat the sole owner of Maserati. But the fun fact doesn’t end there. Under Fiat, for a while, Maserati was owned by Ferrari. But then again, Ferrari fell under Fiat too. And Ferrari helped bring Maserati back to life after Maserati had a fall but their relationship was short lived as Fiat decided to change the pairing from Maserati and Ferrari to Maserati and Alfa Romeo. So, the used Maserati cars in India and in every country, you see are currently owned by Fiat.

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