Asia is famous for its foods and food lovers. Among Asian countries, South Asian countries are at the top when it comes to traditional dishes. Pakistan is also a part of this continent and is well known all across the globe for its beautiful sceneries and visiting spots. Other than that, weather varieties and some handmade equipment are also a reason for its popularity. However, among many things, one of the most prominent things that makes Pakistan special is its food.


The taste and variety of food you can find in Pakistan is unmatchable when you compare it with the taste of other south Asian countries. Usually, many regional ingredients and spices are used in both traditional and fast food to give them a delightful flavor and taste. Many condiments including sauces like ketchup, peri peri sauce, mayonnaise, and many other sauces are equally popular as well.

Along with traditional foods, the fast food department is also very versatile and vastly spread in Pakistan. Almost every city contains some special and famous fast food items that are served with different sorts of sauces. The arrival of many international brands including the likes of KFC and McDonald’s have revolutionized the fast food department in Pakistan.

Sauces in Pakistan are readily available at every shopping store and people also make them at home. Depending upon the latest states of sauce usage in Pakistan, the following are some top used sauces in Pakistan. 


Ketchup is something that can never be neglected while making any list of sauces. It is among the most used sauces in Pakistan. Keeping aside the discussion of ketchup being a sauce or not, nothing coming sauces and condiments have gotten that level of popularity that has been achieved by ketchup. In Pakistan, it is used in daily homemade items by the mothers, so that their children eat them happily.

Ketchup is commonly present in almost every Pakistani home and people love to eat it as a dipping sauce with many traditional foods, fast foods like fries, pizzas, macaroni, etc., and with various kinds of snacks like sandwiches, rolls, etc. It is usually believed that whenever your child denies eating something in Pakistan, you simply present the food along with ketchup and there are more than 70 percent chances that the food will be eaten.

Commercial use of ketchup is also popular along with domestic use. Mostly it is bought from the market, however fast food chefs make it by themselves as they require it in a very large amount.


In Pakistan mayonnaise is considered as the companion of ketchup in almost every fast food item. However, it is not served as a dipping sauce. It is widely used in making burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and many more other things. The main purpose of using it in every bread containing item is to make it more soft and juicy that can give extra delicious tastes to you.

Almost every commercial user of the mayonnaise made it at home using the most simple recipe. Different types of spices are added to it as well to turn it into a more flavorful sauce.

BBQ Sauce

Barbeque sauce is also used in Pakistan to a larger extent. Its use is very common in every district of the country. The reason behind this use is the popularity of different types of BBQs among people. People love to eat the roasted meat with a juicy content that definitely comes from the BBQ sauce. However, domestic use is not that much because people prefer to buy barbecues instead of making them at home. However, on some specific occasions, they do so by themselves as well. 

Chili Sauce

Chili sauce is very common in Pakistan and other South Asian countries as well. The reason behind this popularity is the presence of many chili lovers in these regions. And the use of chili sauce is very wide as people use it in every dish they want to be spicier and hot.

If you are in Pakistan or get a chance to go there, try these sauces and the dishes in which these are used and experience a new world of taste.

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