Online Fraud

In a rising online world, it is significantly vital for online companies to recognize malicious activities happening in this software. In an online marketplace, a great number of payments take place each second. Among those, 68% of malicious activities remain unidentified which results in great loss. As stated by the end of 2019 record, online fraud has led to a loss of $6.5 billion. Criminals are always in search of the loopholes in the software, they exploit the entry points and conduct malicious activities. Online companies if on the side center on the enhanced customer experience in user onboarding, therefore, they lack the safety measures required for online fraud prevention. It is vital to demand the banking sector, monetary institutions, and online marketplace to minimize the risks of online transactions frauds and introduce high-level safety in their software. Online frauds are of distinct types. The main idea and purpose behind each scam could be the same, only the technique the way is distinct.

Listed below are prevalent types of Scams:

Identity Scam: Criminals attack the software to get the private data of the individuals and apply them fraudulently by assuming it to be someone different’ identity.

Debit/Credit Scam: Criminals make a purchase into the vulnerable platform, enter all the vital data and deceive the system using the debit/credit card they have withdrawn.

Email Phishing Scam: The criminal sends a message to the innocent (might be a financial institution employee)  which appears to be a legitimate email from some monetary authority. This email includes the link which redirects the other individual onto a login platform of the banking sector that appears similar to a legitimate website. Once the companies enter all login data, the fraudsters get all the confidential data and use the accounts for fraudulent activities.

Sectors Influenced by Online Fraud

Online E-commerce Sector

In 2020, retail sales are anticipated to amount to 14% of retail sales globally. Retail sales are anticipated to be raised by more than 250% which is $4.49 trillion by 2022.  This major increase amount shows the demand for the retail industry on the side, there is an account of 7% online fraud in the retail sector. The payments in bulk are numerous opportunities for criminals in the retail industry. The payments happening in the majority are several opportunities for the criminals to authorize into the software. In the eCommerce industry, the greatest scam is inventory scam and due to a fraudulent credit/debit card. It is vital for the online e-commerce industry to save its system in order to minimize online fraud.

Gambling Sector

Presently, the gambling sector is developing a great revenue which was $44 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to be $83 billion by 2023. The gambling sector is a very fascinating website for money launderers and fraudsters. The latest study shows an $83 billion loss in the gambling sector due to CNP attacks. The gambling sector must be done to implement anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer based checks back in their software to reduce spoof attacks and malicious activities.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector controls personal data associated with patients and hospitals. This data requires to be saved in a reliable database in line to reduce information loss due to Online Fraud Prevention. In 2019, a study presents a $3 billion loss due to malicious activities. This loss simply is not only related to the guidance the healthcare sector paid but also to the health of various patients who are affected. The information of patients which involves insurance information, medical record, and confidential data is withdrawn. Criminals use it to do malicious activities, trace their insurance data and blackmail them. For the healthcare sector, it is vital to save their information with important safety measures in order to reduce their software and patients from the heavy uncertainties.


For any company, along with enhanced customer experience, the implementation of safety measures is equally significant. The expense companies pay with weak systems not only endanger the economy but also happen in unavoidable damage to company repute.  Employment of safe technological solutions can weaken the risks of heavy penalties and companies fall. Also, this assists to comply with the prior loss by facing them in eternity.

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