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If information system security excites you then taking the CISSP certification an be a great deal for you as it will provide a lucrative career to you in the CISSP domain. If you are interested to get the CISSP certification then you need to follow this paper till the end to resolve all your conflicts and doubts that are related to the CISSP certification and training.


First and foremost the CISSP certification is a world-renowned certification that offers a great deal of recognition in the system security domain. All the certified CISSP candidates have an edge over the other security professionals owing to the fact that the cissp certification is considered as one of the hardest certifications among the others.

Before going on to space where this paper will enlighten you regarding how one can achieve the CISSP certification let us first get some comprehension regarding the CISSP certification in detail.

To begin, the CISSP certification allow professionals to learn new skill and information that is required in the professional IT system security filed. The CISSP certification allow professionals a scope to understand the elements that are associated with the safeguarding of valuable data through a variety of elements such as cryptography and so on.

The field of Certified Information Systems security professional (CISSP) certification is an ideal option for the following professionals: IT consultants, IT managers, security policy writers, privacy security officers, information security officers, network device administrators, security device administrators, security engineers, security professionals ad so on.

These professionals can go for a career advancement with the CISSP certification that will not only boost their confidence as a security professional but at the same time it can lead to many more opportunities and career prospects with never ending possibilities as far as the CISSP certification is concerned.

The CISSP certification has maintained its standard since its inception in the year 1994. Since then, it is referred to as a standardized certification that can open many career enhancing possibilities for the security professionals.

Before taking the CISSP certification there a couple of things that one should go through. The (ISC)2  is the governing body of the CISSP certification and it lays certain guidelines and principles that govern the overall certified information systems security professional certification.

According to the guidelines issue by the (ISC)2 there are certain prerequisites that are needed in order to take the the CISSP examination and these are listed below:

  • For any interested candidate it is mandatory to have at least 5 years of recent and full time experience with any of the two domains out of the eight domains related with the CISSP.

  • In case if the candidates are graduates or have a four year degree or any other globally accepted equivalent then in that case one year exemption is given to the candidates on the condition that they are graduates.

This is the general prerequisite criteria for taking the certified information systems security professional training. If you satisfy all of the above mentioned requirements then getting certified with the CISSP is a great option for you. All you need to do next is to follow the steps mentioned below to get certified with the CISSP certification.

The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, all the interested candidates must check with the guidelines offered by the (ISC)2 and should also see whether they qualify the requirements that are necessary in order to take the certification.

  • Once you have all the general experience requirements, next logical thing to do is to search for the training sessions that can provide a comprehensive and an all-inclusive learning as far as CISSP certification is concerned.

  • Next thing in line is to complete the training sessions, acquire the required knowledge and skills and to learn its application and execution in the real work environment. This is very necessary and it also plays a vital role in getting certified with the CISSP certification.

  • After your training period is over, you can book the CISSP examination from the (ISC)2 web page. All you need to do is to register for the examination. Book a date for the test and pay the registration fees and you are done.

  • Once you have your examination day and date, take the exam and try to score more than 700 or 700 score in total. Once you score 700 or more than 700, you will get certified with the certification.

  • Finally you need to get through the endorsement process. Complete it and your certification process is over. After the successful completion of the endorsement, you will receive the Certified Information systems security professional certification.

Once you have the certification, you need to go for renewal after the completion of there years in a row owing to the fact that the validity period of the CISSP certification is of three years and the candidates needs to renew it after that.  Certified candidate needs to retake the CISSP examination in order to renew the certification.

The certified information systems security professional certification is a standardized certification and therefore it requires a lot of efforts in order to get it and to maintain it.

If you are interested in cissp certification training online, then you can be a part of the training community and learn the basics and the elementary concepts associated with the certified information systems security professional to get certified with the CISSP certification. The certified information systems security professional certification training provides an overall comprehension related to the subject and also aids the overall training process.

I hope this paper helped you with the overall CISSP certification process. Start your CISSP career with the right guidance and become a part of the elite CISSP community.

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