Chemical Guys CLD_997_64 Diablo Wheel Gel Concentrated Wheel Cleaner (Safe on All Wheel & Rim Finishes), 64 oz.

Price: $39.99
(as of May 25,2022 06:48:39 UTC – Details)

FOAMING CLEANER FOR YOUR WHEELS & RIMS – Oxygen-infused cleaners and slick lubricants in Diablo Wheel Gel form a foaming lather to lubricate surfaces and gently guide dirt and grime off of your wheels for the gentlest and most thorough clean available.
WASH AWAY HARMFUL BRAKE DUST & ROAD GRIME – Diablo Gel Wheel And Rim Cleaner lifts away stuck-on brake dust and grime with concentrated suspension technology. Tackle the toughest dirt and debris the road throws at your wheels with this advanced cleaner.
PRESERVE YOUR SENSITIVE WHEEL & RIM FINISHES – Brake dust and road filth are not just ugly, they will destroy your wheels if left unchecked. Diablo wheel gel removes abrasive and corrosive particulates before they can damage your sensitive wheel finishes.
SAFELY CLEAN ANY TYPE OF WHEEL WITHOUT SCRATCHING – Unlike other wheel cleaners, Diablo Wheel Gel uses no caustic acids or heavy alkaline compounds and won’t harm your shiny wheel finishes while your clean. The advanced foaming formula safely lifts dirt and grime to help prevent scratches and swirls.
NON-CAUSTIC FORMULA WON’T HARM OTHER CAR PARTS – Diablo Wheel Gel is gentle, non-caustic, and safe to use around any other car part in the vicinity of the wheel. Simply rinse off any overspray without any fear of etching or staining any other cart parts.

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