Whether you are a party planner or you simply want to throw a lavish party for your family or friends, you have to plan so many things – from catering to the decorations – you have lots of work cut out. But, out of all the things, you cannot host a remarkable party without an immaculate venue. If you don’t have a party location booked yet, you should do that immediately. 

There are numerous party venues in Lafayette LA available; thus, finding a suitable venue is a hard job. You have to consider so many different pointers to book the right party venue to host the party of the decade. 

So, if you are checking out all the top-rated party venues in Lafayette LA for your party, you have to make sure that your party venue checks the following points –

Prime Location 

One of the most important factors to consider while checking different party venues in Lafayette LA is the location. The location of the venue needs to be easily accessible by all the attendees. You need to make sure that your guests can easily reach the party venue without any difficulty. Thus, you should pick a party venue that is near to your guests’ home or can be easily accessed through public transportation services. 

For instance, if your party guests are coming from outside the city, you have to book a party venue near the airport or hotels. Furthermore, the location must have a clear address that can be easily identified by GPS. In short, pick the party venue located in the prime area of your city. 

Parking Facility 

If your guests have to run around the party venue to find a safe spot to park their vehicles, it will ruin the mood of your guests before the party. Thus, you should check all the party venues in Lafayette LA, and ensure that they have adequate parking as per your guest lists. If you are inviting 100 guests at your party, your party venue should have the capacity to park 100 cars. Moreover, if any party venue can offer valet with parking space, it will be cherry on the top. 

However, some party venues can rent out nearby parking spaces as per your requirements, so you have to inform your guests in advance. If you can’t be able to find the party venue with parking space under your budget, you can request your guests to use services like Uber and Lyft instead of their personal vehicles. 

Venue Capacity

If you want to provide a personal space to your guests in the party so that they can easily move around and mingle with other guests, you have to check the capacity of venues. For this, you have to prepare your guest list first so that you can pick the right size of the venue. Suppose, if you are planning to invite 250 guests to your party, you have to book a venue that can easily accommodate more than 300 guests because you have to leave a room for some extra guests. Plus, you need to follow the safety guidelines issued as per your local authorities. The venue has to be spacious enough to hold your guests if you want your guests to enjoy your party.  

If you want to host a memorable and happening party for your family and friends, you have to pick the party venue very carefully after considering all the factors. Le Pavillon in Lafayette is a perfect party venue with adequate space, amenities, and an easily accessible location. You can host some of the most exquisite parties for your guests here.

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