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If you are currently thinking about employing a new EHR software then we can perhaps help you find the software which would be the right fit for you. In this piece, we will discuss Cerner alternatives and how these software can perhaps help you manage your medical practice. Cerner is a very popular EHR software and has been around for quite a while. This software has captured quite a big market and is very popular however not everyone thinks Cerner might fit the bill for them. This is why we have compiled a list of alternative software you can look into which might be a better fit for you and your medical practice.

Top Alternatives to Cerner


The first software in our Cerner alternatives list is AllMeds. This software has been around for quite a while and proves to be worthy competition to Cerner. The e-prescription feature in AllMeds helps you make prescriptions both safer and simpler on both ends. The software warns you about any adverse drug interactions and you can adjust your prescription likewise. The software helps you send prescriptions electronically directly to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for your patient and from where they can easily pick their prescription up. All in all, this is a wonderful software that we highly recommend you look into further.

Amazing Charts

The second software in our list for Cerner alternatives is Amazing Charts. As the name suggests, Amazing Charts has a great charting feature which you can use to chart your patient data much more quickly. This feature allows you to onboard your patients much quicker than before as well. Other than that, the software has a speech to text feature as well which listens to your speech and turns into text based documents to store easily on your software. This helps you out a lot as well! This software makes things a lot more convenient for you and your patients!

Optimus EHR

The third software in our list is not as popular as the other options but holds its own in this list for Cerner alternatives nonetheless. The software is Optimus EHR which has a great claims management feature. With this feature you automate a large portion of filing a claim. This software also further allows you to relax as your claims are filed much more quickly. The software also reduces the number of errors you might make and thus help you get your claims approved much faster as well! This helps you out a lot because claims and getting them approved is perhaps the toughest part of the job.


Epic EHR also deserves a place in our list because of the several amazing features this software has which makes it one of the most popular EHR options in the market. The patient portal feature in this software allows you to significantly reduce your administrative duties because the software basically allows patients to log on to their own portal from which they can schedule their own appointments, look at their billing and much more. All of this helps you to reduce the number of tasks on your end and involves your patients in your practice as well which helps you retain them for longer too!


The last software on our list for best Cerner alternatives is ChartLogic EHR which is again a great software due to a myriad of reasons. The software has a wonderful billing feature which makes things a lot more simpler for you. The billing feature automates a large portion of your billing which in turn helps you to reduce the number of errors or mistakes that occur in relation to your billing which ultimately leads to you getting reimbursed from your patients much sooner as well. A good billing feature can significantly improve cash flow in your practice which honestly is an aim any successful business should have.

So Which EHR Should you Invest in?

If you are wondering which one of these software in particular we would recommend, we cannot make that decision for you but can perhaps help you come to your own conclusion with a few tips!


You should read as many reviews as possible to see what current employers think of the software because this is what will give you the best idea about how a software really is! The next thing we recommend that you do is look at all the features these software have and then choose a software that has the most features relevant to what you need.


And finally we advise asking the vendor for a demo of the software so that you can know what this software is like. All in all, we are sure whichever software you choose from our list of Cerner alternatives will be the right call for you!

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