Legal investigations are complex matters in every part of the world. Just like any other profession, every role has some boundaries and limits. No matter how much of an expert you are, if you do not abide by the rules and regulations, you will never be considered as the best at your profession. 


Similarly, for a private investigator in the UK, they must follow every rule that concerns the ethics of their responsibility as legal professionals. Just because they have the knowledge and skill set to get their hands on information about people and carry out surveillance, it does not mean they can invade privacy, harm others, or indulge in illegal activities. 


In the UK, you can appoint a private investigator if you are looking for services like:  


#1 Finding missing persons 

With the increase of mismanagement of cases in the government bodies, people often reach out to private investigators help find a missing person. In fact, it is one of the most prominent cases that private detectives take responsibility for. 


Private detectives do use the aid of technology and internet along with surveillance, and other legal methods to locate a person. Under no circumstances, they can illegally gather evidence or information about the missing person. If caught doing so, a private detective can become subject to hefty fines, along with suffering probable prison sentence. 

#2 Child Support Investigations 

In the United Kingdom, child support cases are on the rise. As divorce rates are more rampant than ever, child custody cases have become relatively common. Most of the time, parents start a legal battle to win custody of the children. As no parent wants to separate from their children, they are perfectly well within their legal rights to hire a private investigator to gather evidence, which will prove the other parent is not fit or safe for the children’s wellbeing. 

During divorce proceedings, the hired private detective can provide the judge with irrefutable proof that will assist with the custody and the future of the children. In the majority of the cases, the court rules out the case on the basis of the evidence presented by expert witnesses.

#3 Finding Missing Property and Corporate Assets 

To protect their financial security, people end up hiding their assets, such as bank accounts, property, and other means of income. It becomes a problem when an individual, who is in a marriage, is hiding such crucial information from their partner. In other words, you can call this financial engineering. 


People hire private investigators to find out if their partners have financial secrets that they are not aware of. Through surveillance, the professional detective can gather all the information you need to ensure if something problematic is happening under your nose. 


Private detectives cannot only find out about missing assets and property, but they can also evaluate their actual worth. These details help when a couple, unfortunately, goes through a divorce, or during business liquidation. The evidence gathered can also prove relevant for child support cases and new business partnerships.


#4 Conducting background checks 

 Whether it’s a corporate setup or a personal one, you can never blindly believe every word a person tells you, especially when you have just met them. As the rate of criminal activities in the workplace is rising, employers are now more careful about who they can hire at their firm. Similarly, background checks are also commonly used by partners before signing a prenuptial agreement.  

People in the UK also hire private investigators to run background checks to cross-check some facts about a person before making certain commitments. Corporate businesses appoint private detectives to investigate future employees by conducting background checks.

Other than that, you can also hire a private investigator to make sure that you are marrying the right person. These experts will gather information on your behalf to make things clear for you and assist you in taking the right steps. Additionally, people reach out to these legal experts to conduct background checks about future business partners as well, to eliminate any chances of scam and frauds. 

Private detectives are legally obligated to abide by the principles of the law. However, if any individual who poses as a private detective indulges in illegal activities, you should report them to the authorities.

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