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We are using towels for hands or body drying purposes for ages. It was never a topic whether using a towel is hygienic or not. But now, an innovative drying technology has been introduced throughout the world. It is a beneficial innovation when it comes to drying your hair, body, or hands, etc. You can randomly see hand dryers installed in public places.

It is because people are aware now that investing in a good dryer like gives them a touchless and germ-free experience. It is a general perception that technology does not always turn good for humans. But this time, there is no buzz related to the whole body dryer. There are so many benefits that compel us to invest in a relaxing and luxurious exposure after a shower.

In comparison with a towel, a full body dryer has diverse functionality. Considering the usefulness of body dryers, the surge in its demand is increasing swiftly. So give it a complete read to know about it thoroughly.

Benefits of full body dryer over conventional towel drying

While choosing between an average body drying with a towel and innovative technology to dry your body, there are several points to keep in mind. Have a look at this detailed discussion, and we are sure that you would love the idea of the best body dryer.

1.    Hygienic exposures are always preferred

Wet towels are capable of having organism growth. It is because of the small lines that let bacterias reside inside the towel. It can be very unsafe as moist places contain dangerous microbes.

While if we look at the body dryer like Valriyo body dryer, they have nothing such exposures. The body of the installed dryer is fully covered. So choose a hygienic after-bath experience.

2.    Quick after-bath routines would really help

It takes time to have a body shower. Also, drying takes time. Then we have to apply body creams before wearing clothes. The shower becomes so hectic, and suppose if you are in a hurry, then this shower routine and drying with a towel can be very annoying.

Unlike this, the power generators inside the full body dryer blow air instantly. It takes some moments, and we are parched to change now.

3.    Temperature retaining abilities in cold weather

Showers lower our body temperature for a while. For a reason, you might have noticed that sometimes we get a mild fever after taking a bath. It is because drying with a towel takes time, and our naked bodies get exposed to the cold temperature around.

While in the case of the best body dryer, the automatic sensor will turn on, and a slight heat-up air would be blown. So your body will regain the average body temperature, and you will be saved from an ailment.

4.    Skin-friendly experience for sensitive people

Drying with towels often causes itching to some people. Not necessarily are they all skin-sensitive people, but also they there is actually some problem with damp towels. Towels are usually hanged inside the bathroom, which is a moist and unhygienic place. So this often causes skin allergies and infections.

Contrary to that, the infrared technology inside the body dryers lets them emit antibacterial air. It is so useful to avoid anybody’s infection.

5.      Kids will love it

Kids are susceptible to moist and cold places. Especially in winters, they hardly get please while taking a bath. Also, the after-bath routine makes most of them catch a fever, which is not good at all. Towel drying leaves wet hairs. Also, they are not safe.

So get the best body dryer to refrain your kids from any infection like flu, cough, or fever. The infrared rays give them an uncontaminated drying experience, and their body temperature gets normal in no time.

6.      Spa-like body Relaxing experience.

While drying with a towel, it takes a lot of effort and time to dry out your body. Still, the body is not completely dry. Also, rubbing takes effort, and we are unable to dry every part of the body, like the back.

Just like a hot body shower or spa treatment makes you feel instantly relaxed and light, so do these Tornado body dryers do for your body. Its slightly hot air normalizes your body and makes it feel calm, and you feel fresh.

7.      Uncontaminated contacts for a quick change

After-bath experience sometimes makes you dirty again. You have to touch a damp towel and other products that are not as clean as they should be. It is natural. As said earlier, such exposures are not healthy.

While best body dryers give you a touchless drying experience, the sensor will get on and off by itself. So you are clean to wear new clothes now.

8.      No moist place anymore

Shower causes moisture in the environment. It often causes odor and makes the towel misty. The towel does not dry thoroughly. It is just another addition to laundry.

While when we consider getting the best body dryer, they not merely give touch-free drying but also dry out the environment by clearing the mist. Which makes it fresh and odor-free.

Wrap up

You might be cleared now that a good body dryer like body dryer is much more than just a dryer. We are hopeful that leaving conventional body drying won’t be difficult. So don’t wait and get the best body dryer available in the market.

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