Math Enrichment

There are best ways to teach Math, too. At first, it sure will sound vague to kids. But if you try to connect it to things they love or are familiar with, then lessons are bound to become more interesting.

And remember to maintain a positive environment! The last thing you’d want to happen is for the kids to dread the subject.  Aside from enrolling them to a Math Enrichment centre, consider these tips when teaching them.

Start with knowing and counting numbers.

Here are the best ways to teach children Math. The first step is to teach children how to count. Expose them as early as possible to numbers. Try to invest in age-appropriate learning toys to help them recognise numbers when they see them.

Integrate counting into your daily activities, such as meal times and bath times. The more you learn Math together, the better you’ll find out which learning method works for your child. Never pressure your little one, though. Every child learns differently and at their own pace.

Best Ways to Teach Math

Use daily objects for learning.

Once your kids are exposed to numbers, you can move to ordinary objects to further reinforce learning.  Even a Math enrichment program for primary school uses this strategy. For example, you can use their favorite toy cars, dolls, fruits, or any object in the house such as buttons or cups.

When you go out, count cars in the parking lot. Challenge them to spot buses and count them as they pass by you. When you’re in the grocery, seek their assistance in counting supplies or bills.

Go for colorful visuals.

If your kids are ready to move to the next level, then you can start to introduce them to basic operations, such as addition and subtraction. When they see Math symbols the first time, they’re likely to look puzzled. So use high-quality visuals or videos to grab their attention and facilitate learning. Make learning feel more of a playtime than strict study time.

Pay attention to the basic concepts.

Whether you’re teaching toddlers or school-age children, it’s crucial to help them understand basic math concepts thoroughly. Don’t give up on your kids. If they’re having a hard time, give it a rest. Then, go back again to where you left off, but with a different approach.

Don’t expect children to learn the same concept as they move to another grade level. That concept will be applied or used at an advanced level, which will only make it seem more complicated. Focus on helping your child absorb Math concepts while they’re still in their simplest form.

Ask your child to discuss their answers.

Request your child to explain how they derive an answer. The more they get used to doing this, the more confident they’ll also be toward their responses and Math skills.

Remember how they say that you don’t fully understand a thing unless you can express it in your own words? This is also applicable when teaching Math to kids.

Make learning and Math an enjoyable experience. Even if you didn’t excel in Math back in school, you can still make a great first teacher to your children. After all, you’re their favorite person. And if anything, you can always have the support of professionals in Math enrichment classes in New Zealand.

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