Every homeowner wants their sofa at home to last for a very long time. Our sofas at home provide a great source for everyone to unwind. When everyone is at home, they will generally sit on the sofa. In fact, even our fur friends can agree to sit on it! This furniture can give our home that additional structure and comfort. This is why a lot of us want to buy the best sofa as it can provide the utmost solace. 

Whether you want to know how to take care of difficult stain or just want to maintain your sofa looking amazing for as long as you can, we’re to rescue you with helpful information you need. However, there are some common tips to remember when cleaning and caring for your sofa. 

Prep Your Sofa Before the Party 

It may sound illogical to clean and prep your sofas before the party, but doing this affects people psychologically, people will most likely be careful with sofas that are clean and well-maintained, compared to greasy and apparently underappreciated furniture. Look at your sofa and ask yourself if you have given it a consistent TLC, if not, there’s no better time to do it right away. 

Know the Right Cleaning Product First 

When cleaning and maintaining authentic sofa leather, it’s much easier than you think. This is why leather can be more expensive than any other type of fabric sofa. You’ll only need leather wipes or cream to put your sofa to good shape every three to six months. You may want to consider aniline leather, even if it comes to second to full-grain leather, it’s more stain-resistant, making it trouble-free to care for in the long run. 

Meanwhile, you must avoid using detergents, soap, and household cleaners for leather and use special and tailored products, like leather wipes or creams. Prior to using any product, don’t forget to pre-test it on a little, covered area to ensure that it’s appropriate for your sofa. 

Also, when it comes to fabric sofas, use your vacuum with soft brush attachment weekly to avoid getting dirt immersed into the fibres and preventing accidental barriers of the fabric. Be careful when exerting too much force because it may lift colours from heavily-dyed fabric, or tearing and pulling that may in time destroy the fibres. 

Be Aware of the Environment 

light candle on round white coffee table and sectional sofa

It can be pretty relaxing to sit on your sofa and soak up the sun rays that come through the window, but your sofa may not be liking it. Exposing your sofa to sunlight for a long period of time, like placing it on a sunny bay window, the colour of its fabric may fade and degenerate. And if you also place it against a radiator it may also have a similar effect, so try to give it a bit of space between two. 

Keeping your furniture against a radiator may also have the same effect, so please allow for a bit of space between the two.

Be Careful With Using Stain Removers 

Stain remover may extremely harm your sofa if care isn’t linked when dealing with stain removers. It would be great to test it first with the remover by applying it on a more concealed piece of the sofa before you start with the work. A twofold check on the similarity of the stain remover you have bought on your sofa. Don’t be deceived with it, try not to be by all accounts, to be controlled on the representation it may not accommodate your sofas. You’ll get rewarded if you adhere to the guidelines as against to regretting later. 

Properly Clean the Legs 

filled decanter on coffee table

You must use a damp fabric cleansed in warm water to polish the wooden legs of your sofa. Avoid using detergent on them, but you can clean them occasionally with natural wax. 

Check the Frames of the Sofa 

Before you make the purchase, inspect the sofa’s frames first. You may opt for solid beechwood frames that are used on sofas, armchairs, and beds. These frames are well-known to have great quality and durability. It can guarantee you that it can last for a long time. 

Wash the Covers 

white pillow on sofa

If you are using removable covers and you want to wash them, you should wash all the covers at the same time to avoid having colour variation if washed individually. But you don’t want to overload the drum, which often brings harm to your sofa covers. If you are doubting about it, you can have them be professionally cleaned. 

Choose a Sofa With a Stain-Resistant Finish 

Most importantly if you’re lazy to clean and maintain your sofa, you can buy a fabric sofa that’s treated with a stain-resistant finish. In case you are clumsy and spills do happen, you can easily clean your sofa with specific products or a handheld steam cleaner. 

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