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Are you thinking of adding more vegetables to your diet? If your answer is yes then I think you have to move toward a plant-based diet or you have to just speed up your time in the kitchen. I think spiralizer is a great tool that will help you to add into your kitchen arsenal. With the help of this particular spiralizer you can add quick work of cutting or slicing vegetables. Most of the spiralizer comes with multiple blades and therefore it has the capability to make multiple types of noodles. The spiralizer will provide you ease in using and you should know how easy it is to clean with this particular spiralizer.. But if you are thinking of buying or having a spiralizer for your kitchen then I think the best time to buy a spiralizer for your kitchen is during Spiralizer Black Friday.

What’s the best type of spiralizer?best spializer

Basically you will find three types of spiralizer in the market they are hand-held spiralizer, countertop spiralizer, and electric spiralizer

Hand-held Spiralizer – This hand-held spiralizer is an affordable and pretty compact option and this particular spiralizer will be the perfect option for those who use spiralizer on an irregular basis. But handheld spiralizer needs more body effort than an electric spiralizer. With the help of this hand-held spiralizer you need drawbacks and they really need more effort to use it and it does not have the capability to spiralize as many fruits and vegetables due to the width of this particular spiralizer. The person who is looking to spiralize wider and or harder fruits and vegetables like apples or onions they can surely have this countertop spiralizer for them.

Countertop Spiralizer – This countertop spiralizer is referred to as a tabletop spiralizer, this particular spiralizer has either comes with rotating hand cranks or vertical hand cranks. countertop spiralizer will basically offer you the best features for your hard-earned money. You can make the best noodles with the help of this particular spiralizer. It will offer you the most number of functionality and it is pretty easier to use. The trade of this blender is bulky and it can be pretty difficult to clean and store.

Electric Spiralizer – This electric spiralizer will come as an attachment to the already existing appliances or to the stand-alone products. While these kitchen products are typically more expensive they will do your job much easier and it will help you to make pretty much consistent noodles. If you use an electric spiralizer then the best thing about using this one is do not have to use much more effort on it as it runs on electric power but the hand-held product will need much more power. The width and length of the feeding tubes can make this product a little more versatile to use it.

How should you select the best spiralizer for you?

Before having a spiralizer for the first thing that you should consider are

Storage – You should ask yourself that does the spiralizer has enough storage for all the blades? Is it compact enough and easy to use or not?

Blades Are the blades dishwasher of this particular spiralizer is safe or easy to clean? These particular products are essential for the longevity of sharpness as well as being rust-resistant. Before having it you should make sure that how frequently you are going to use them and how many blades you are going to use them.


If you read this article carefully then I think you should have understood each and every single thing about the spiralizer. Carefully read our buyer’s guide before selecting a spiralizer for you so that you do not regret after taking a spiralizer for you. check blackfridayupdates for related articles.




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