Every summer season there is an ongoing debate to find an affordable and efficient air conditioner. With the prices shooting up for almost everything, it has become difficult for the layman to even think about buying one for his home. But don’t be stressed as today we give you a few options that will prove to be economical for your budget and equally efficient.

Inverter AC- an economical option

Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity units and give you a shockingly heavy utility bill to be paid by the end of every month. But with an inverter AC, you don’t have to worry much about paying such hefty payments anymore.

Inverter AC’s usually come in an affordable price range, and just imagine if you can buy one just under Rs. 50,000. Yes, that’s correct! You can now purchase it such as the “Optima 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner” which is currently selling at a 1-ton ac price of Rs. 45,649 exclusive of tax and the Pioneer 1 ton (price after discount Rs. 46, 479 excluding tax). With the ongoing pre-summer mega sales in the market for all leading brands, such as Orient, Dawlence Haier, Gree, and others, you may now get this one as it will be a great source of saving for you.

Regulate your room’s temperature

Keep your room chilly in the summers with a DC inverter installed anywhere. The inverter technology is the latest innovation that controls the speed of the compressor, to regulate the temperature, unlike the traditional AC. As a result, the inverter has an extended life of its spare parts and can handle sharp fluctuations in voltage as well.

Hence the Optima 1 ton model and the Pioneer 1 ton, are equally a good option as they are 1.5 times more efficient and have the capability of saving up to 85% of energy.  So next time you are looking to buy an inverter for an air conditioner you may consider one of the two affordable options.

Excellent cooling with no noise

Several brands of AC in Pakistan are doing quite well as far as cooling and performance are concerned. On the other hand, a few of them fail to reduce the noise caused by the compressor unit which is a big factor to consider when it’s about one’s comfort.

But you will be happy to read that Optima inverter ac 1.5 ton and the Pioneer 1 ton unit both perform exceptionally well when it comes to cooling and reduced noise.  These two models are 3 times faster at room cooling with a speed of 835 mph. Talking about noise reductions, these two operate at 45 dB making it 50 times quieter than any other DC Inverter AC.

The smartest technology

Several home appliances brands are stepping up a level as far as their performance is concerned. All such appliances have this new feature of connectivity with other devices to control your home’s comfort level at the touch of your finger.

Talking about smart inverter for air conditioners, some models can function via voice assistants such as Alexa or by downloading an application on your device.

These models we are talking about can be controlled by downloading an application on your smartphone or any other device called “Mevris”. This app lets you control the degree of cooling and heating of your room and also displays the units of energy being consumed. It also has self-diagnostic features which let you know if everything’s working fine. Not only this you can conveniently switch on and off the AC from anywhere with the built-in WhatsApp and Facebook chat feature.

Sleek designs

So if you’re looking for simpler ways to cool rooms in your home and control the settings as per your mood or requirement then a smart inverter AC is the best choice. On the other hand, room aesthetics and designs are also a concern when it comes to installing one of these units.

The sleek and beautiful designs of the brands such as “Pioneer” and “Optima” which are 1 or 1.5 tons in size and pearl white can be put up on any side of the wall in your home. The Pioneer models have a rose gold vent for 4D airflow, to add some touch of elegance and aesthetics along with beautifully curved edges.

Ready to take online orders

Make up your mind and place an order via online shopping for one of the smart AC’s described in detail above and get them delivered and installed in your room within 24 hours. We bet you won’t be able to find such an economical inverter ac price in Pakistan for 1 and 1.5 tons elsewhere. They can be purchased with the facility of cash on delivery without shipment and installation charges and an easy 7 days exchange and return policy for your utmost convenience.

Find yourself an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and affordable DC inverter right away before the sun kicks in with unbearable heat.

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