Today I am going to tell you about my favorite passive income ideas that don’t need any investment. I am sure that my list of ideas has great potential for making money even with less work.

My list is mostly student-centric. My main reason for writing this was to help every student who faces a problem regarding money in India after schools.

Before going to the list, let’s discuss what is passive income and why it is important?

What is Passive income?

According to Wikipedia, passive income is an income that is generated from work which is set up once and gives returns regularly without doing anything like a property owner, a person with a huge property can generate a good amount by rental income without doing anything.

Why Passive income is important?

It is important because a person should have a side income that can be used in case of emergency and also for using passion to generate income, it shows the passion’s value.

Now let come to our main topic let’s Go.

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas For Student 

These ideas need daily time investment of 2-3 hours daily to make a respectable amount which I think is enough for the student.

  • Create your Youtube Channel

It is the second most used search engine in the world and it growing day by day. It has shown people their passion value. To earn money from youtube, you have to create quality content that helps people. Your video can be on any topic.

The key to success in youtube is to create quality content and be consistent in uploading the video. After crossing the mark of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your youtube channel, You will get qualified to run ads on your videos.

After the monetization on your videos, your every Video will become a passive income source asset for you.

  • Create Your Blog

Blogs are considered as a personal website where the owner provides the value through publishing articles. It is quite competitive but not impossible. Half of your Work is done when you do great research on the topic of blog site.

It is not a plug and play system, first, you have to gain information from an online platform like youtube. There are many blogs popular in every category. The website, you are reading this is also a multi-topic blog.

Blogging has great potential in the future and blogging has made many people celebrity. You can be one of them by creating a passive income from it.

  • Write Your Book 

If you have a piece of great knowledge on any topic and you think that it should be shared with others. You can do this by writing a book in the form of an e-book.

If you don’t have a publisher to publish your book then you can give a try at the concept of self-publishing. You can publish you under a budget as low as 10000 Indian rupees.

You have to promote your book by running ads on many online platforms without promotion something terrible happens. Also, you must a website for your book. It seems that it needs investment but it not, It can be started as low as 5000 Indian rupees.

  • Affiliate Marketing

It is like you help companies to increase their sales and you get a commission on every sale of the product. It is mostly done by using a website by providing a review or information about that product.

There are some other ways from which you can do affiliate marketing without a website but you get less conversion rate and sales. In the Future Every Company Will run an affiliate program for the affiliate marketer.

It is not a thing that you can start just after reading this article, it also needs a time investment and a little investment.

  • Drop-Shipping Store

It is a thing which you might be searching for a long time. You can start with it in the next 24 hours and 25 Dollars. It is a concept where you sell products but the products are not yours.

You put these products on your website, and receive orders. It is a fast process because you use an advertisement to get orders.

What you have to do is to learn dropshipping from youtube and get started in the next 24 hours.


If you want to read about more passive income ideas, then you can refer to this link:  Passive income ideas-moneyshouter

Thank you for reading my post on passive income ideas for students. I hope You liked it and don’t forget to comment down below.

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