Kraft boxes

They are made of highly resistant and durable materials, which make them sturdy and durable. They can be customized according to the customer’s needs to increase their types and uses. Their simple and elegant appearance makes their use permanent in the packaging of organic products. Many packaging companies manufacturing them to generate more sales and also for marketing purposes.

Kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper or cardboard. These boxes are versatile and consist of harmless and environmentally friendly elements. These boxers have trillions of applications across various industries. However, Kraft boxes are most commonly used for food, artwork, crafts, gifts, and clothing packaging. It turns out they are revolutionary in the packaging market.

They are the most competitive type of box on the market. Plus, they are easy to access and anyone can use them. They can be purchased from any retail store in the world. The best way to promote the packaging business is to use Kraft paper boxes. Let’s see the best possible ways by which these boxes can help us to increase sales.

Add inserts to create good Packaging

Inserts are the basic strategy for increasing the number of orders, expanding word of mouth, increasing loyalty, and many other aspects. These always help in making the product packaging more beautiful. They do not have to cost a lot of money, so they would not make holes in your pocket. Personally, the idea of ​​creating a good package is achieved by adding inserts.

The insert can be anything from handwritten thank you cards to inserts card which can make people feel special. The note should not be too long, as long as the company name is painted in the box, the company can always leave a good impression.

Counter Display Kraft Boxes

We can see this type of Kraft cardboard in almost all types of stores. From candy shops to cosmetics, decorations, and even grocery stores, this Kraft box can be found on the counter. The benefit of using these Kraft paper boxes is to attract customers and increase their impulse purchases. Even in large branded stores, there are these boxes at the reception for advertising purposes because these boxes don’t take a lot of space to place.

Therefore, they are very popular with sellers. These counter Kraft packaging boxes can be designed into advertising boards of any size and shape to fit various products on the packaging market. They are a great way to mark products.

Use a rainbow of colors for Kraft Packaging Boxes

When designing the Kraft packaging, many gradient colors are used. For example, the printed box looks nice due to the fine color mixing. If your business has a signature badge, you can always avoid using a print-only box. Find a simple box and create a variety of colors, then combine it with a large number of spectacular designs and vivid textures. The colors should also be placed on the inside wall of the box and make it too particular and unreal.

Boxes with Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

Pure natural Kraft paper is clean, durable, and affordable. This type of paper is most commonly used in heavy-duty applications that require high tear strength and excellent burst strength. It can also be printed on it which is very suitable for brands, protective layers, and other situations that need to be strong and carry certain brands or logos.

Genuine Kraft paper can contain up to 5% recycled materials.  Natural Kraft paper can be used for packaging, book covers, paint masks, transport paper, stationery products, protective floor coatings, and pallet coatings, just to name a few. The paper layers can be used to make corrugated boxes.

Food Grade Kraft Packaging as a take-away package

You must have noticed that some take-away food packaging is Kraft paper boxes, they are made of food grade Kraft paper, and the box has an oil-resistant film to avoid grease. These Kraft paper packaging boxes are also widely used as hamburger packaging boxes, salad packaging boxes, fried chicken packaging boxes, and sushi packaging.

They can have a clear PVC / PET window on the top lid to view the box. As these Kraft takeaway boxes are biodegradable materials, they are very suitable for packaging fast food takeaway boxes. Plus, these boxes are strong enough to withstand weight, so they can be used for your kids, husband, or even your lunch box.

These Kraft Food Delivery Boxes are also the first choice for restaurants. These boxes can effectively package food and help their customers handle it easily. Plus, they help promote your brand and products to the market.

Label printing for Kraft Packaging

This is a good choice for companies looking to redesign their Kraft packaging without incurring additional costs. Just remove the sticker on the box and print it directly. Once labeling is considered an effective solution, as the packaging operation evolves, various methods continue to evolve.

It turns out that most printing techniques (such as offset printing) are very effective, especially for large volume orders. They can print thousands of units without compromising on quality. Printing labels directly on the Kraft package can save you time and effort. It improves overall efficiency, provides a beautiful visualization for your packaging, and helps you achieve a higher return on investment.

Kraft Bakery Packaging Box

The customer is very interested in the Kraft cardboard used for packaging products. Therefore, bakeries prefer wholesale Kraft paper boxes for packaging cakes, pastries, chocolates, and other baked goods. We are fully aware that the sweet gift trend now a day is increasing for different occasions. Therefore, the bakery requires a variety of exquisitely designed Kraft paper gift boxes to be designed according to customers’ needs and occasions.

These custom Kraft paper boxes are used for birthdays, Christmas, New Years’, anniversaries, or any other party. If you also have a bakery business, wholesale Kraft packaging boxes will make your baked goods more eye-catching and stand out in the market.

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