Delivery driver jobs today are in-demand due to the impact of COVID-19 where more people are getting their necessities and other stuff delivered right in front of their home. A lot of people lost their jobs and most of them are now benefitting from being a delivery driver. Developing services like Uber Eats, Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Grubhub and many more are looking for self-employed delivery drivers. 

It gave delivery drivers the opportunities to work with flexibility, however, it’s required that they have skills navigating the road, excellent decision-making in order to maximize earnings, and effort in expense logging. The good thing is, there are so many apps nowadays that can help drivers optimize their time on the road whether they’re delivering groceries, food, or packages. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best tech tools that can help you become a better deliver driver. 


1. On Fleet 

A must-have app for all delivery drivers on the road is On Fleet. Several of their numbers are rather awesome. For instance, they’ve already kept tabs on 100 million miles worth of deliveries and are currently operating all over 90 countries. On Fleet uses their route optimisation engine that became successful in increasing their delivery capacity by almost 50% and resulted in helping thousands of customers enhance their satisfaction rates through a precise estimated time of arrival or ETAs and real-time visibility. They also have automatic SMS notifications, a great number of feedback collection tools, and real-time driver tracking which will allow your delivery company business help your deliver drivers improve their efficiency boundaries via successful, seamless integration of central activities. 


2. Waze

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By now, most of us already know how helpful this turn-by-turn and hands-free navigation app. Aside from being available for both Android and Apple devices is that it operates in a real-time community-curated data about traffic snafus that you want to avoid while en route to your drop-off locations. Waze not only acts as your map but it can provide you with alternatives to avoid accidents, traffic, construction backups, and even potholes that can destroy your vehicle. 


3. Road Warrior Route Planner

If you don’t have the Road Warrior Route Planner app on your phone, you are missing out a great help! This app is to assist you in a full day delivery schedule depending on various factors. It uses the best of your time by accounting for issues in traffic, clearly identifying delivery windows, and your shift hours. You may easily insert the addresses and other necessary information you want to take into consideration, and you’ll see that your logistics work is done. This is also available for both Android and Apple devices and the app will make you a more efficient driver and have more pre-planning time. 


4. Quick Books Self-Employed

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Self-employed delivery drivers are usually expected to take mileage deductions for business use of their vehicles when filing their taxes. This means that you need to keep track of your miles. You may do it with a pen and paper, however, this is just an extra work that consumes a lot of your valuable time. 

This is why this bookkeeping app called Quick Books Self-Employed has a built-in mileage tracker that automatically keep tabs fo your miles and let you categorize them as personal or business. You may also snap a photo and save receipts of other expenses such as vehicle repairs and maintenance and sync your bank account to the app to log expenses automatically. 


5. GasBuddy 

Being a delivery driver, your biggest daily expenses are fuel, obviously. This amazing GasBuddy app is available for Android devices and Apples that will help you find the best closeby deal for a fill-up. It will also provide you with a convenient gas station where you can find food services that are available and information about the facilities. Plus, the app offers rewards card program you can connect to your checking account so you can save extra cash. 


Other Tools You Need 

Delivery Bag. Although some delivery companies provide their own drivers, if you are self-employed, you will be on your own. Make sure you have one to protect fragile items or keep the food warm. On the other hand, if your company allows you to use your own bag, it’s better because you can deliver for other companies if you want some extra hustle. 

Cell Phone Holder. It’s important that you have a great cell phone holder that will hold and secure your phone. Look for something that will make navigation easier, boost efficiency, and even your safety; the best one is a holder with a magnet. 

If you’re thinking to make this job as a side hustle, read “Food Delivery Driver as a Side Hustle: Is it Worth it?” to learn more.

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