Ah, we’ve all heard the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to Pokémon, cuteness factor can be a close substitute. Recently, our team looked at Pokémon that get worse when they evolve, most unfairly difficult gym leaders and even darkest Pokemon fan theories. When it comes to deciding on the most adorable, aww-inducing Pokémon of all time, this was a tough one. Although this was a difficult list to put together, we sorted through the Pokédex to find some of the most adorable, cute, and cuddly. For starters, we decided to include all Eeveelutions in one entry, because, um, Eevee! Just kidding, but in all honesty, we could have made over half this list include every version of Eevee evolution, ever, and kept it at that.

Top 22 Cute Pokémon of all time

We also opted to include many Pokémon from the original series (we’re looking at you, Red and Blue fans), but also chose to feature several favorites from newer installments to the franchise. Sadly, as much as we wanted to include tons of adorable favorites, we capped this list at twenty. Some of our Honorable Mentions include Pachirisu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Oshawott, Shinx, Buneary, Axew, Celebi, Mudkip, and of course, Cubone. All in all, this was a fun list to put together, so let’s get going!

Here are the 20 Cutest Pokémon Of All Time!


Jigglypuff in Pokemon

A beloved favorite by so many Pokémon fans, Jigglypuff is certainly considered one of the O.G.’s in terms of cuteness. With a round, ball-like shape, googly eyes, and pointy cat-like ears, it’s pretty safe to say that Jigglypuff hits all the major determining factors for “totally adorable”. The Jigglypuff fandom extends well beyond the original series, as the character has also popped up as a playable character in Super Smash Bros and multiple side games.

Don’t be fooled by Jigglypuff’s cute appearance, this is one Pokémon that should have you on your guard at all times. From first generation players of Red, Blue and Yellow to recent Sun and Moon gamers, everyone knows that Jigglypuff holds the key to insomnia. The saccharine-sweet Pokémon can instantly lull opponents to sleep. Try to resist the urge to playfully squeeze its face, and remember, store an extra pair of ear plugs for good measure.


Dratini Pokemon

With a sleek snake-like shape and aww-worthy eyes, Dratini is a Dragon Pokémon that’s simply too cute. At first glance, Harry Potter fans might have been reminded by the similarly designed Occamy from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Sure, the two might seem totally different at first thought, but the creature’s serpent-like shape certainly reminds us of Dratini. With large oval eyes and a rounded snout, Dratini is just… so… cute.

Yes, we know, Dratini lacks fur and oversized ears, which are two hallmark traits of most traditionally “cute” Pokémon. But it still has a certain je ne sais quoi that so many people know and love dearly. Fans of aquatic Pokémon will appreciate the teeny white fins extending from either side of Dratini’s face, while a small rounded nub on its forehead adds even more whimsical charm. Fans of the first, third, and fourth generation Pokémon games will experience waves of nostalgia from trying to snatch up a Dratini from the Safari Zone.


Shaymin Pokemon

One part Chia Pet, and another part a cuddly version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shaymin is an undeniably adorable Pokémon. Seriously, just look at that cute face! Some believe that Shaymin gets its name as a mash-up of the words xiè (the Chinese word for thanks or gratitude) and harinezumi (the Japanese word for hedgehog), while others note that the “Sha” prefix resembles the word “shaman” or even “stamen”.

Originally introduced during Generation IV, this Grass-type Pokémon has a sweet-looking design, looking like a hedgehog with flowers and leaves instead of spikes. On screen, Shaymin had its original debut during Giratina and the Sky Warrior, the second Diamond & Pearl series movie. In Sky Forme, the Pokémon’s shape alters drastically, almost resembling a small deer-like creature. Whether you prefer the Pokemon’s hedgehog version or the Sky Forme, it’s pretty clear that the adorable Shaymin well deserves its slot among the twenty cutest Pokemon in the universe.


Scrapped Pokemon Mareep

Say baa! (Or meh, your preference.) Mareep is an electrifying add to the Pokémon universe, originally introduced during the second generation games in Pokémon Gold and Silver. If you’ve ever imagined what a blue sheep might look like in the Pokémon world, Mareep is the most obvious answer. With puffy tufts of wool and a lightbulb-like tail, Mareep is totally adorbs.

A small little curly wave of wooly fur rests on the center of its forehead, making Mareep literally the definition of, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” Trainers beware: as cute as this Pokémon might appear to be, static electricity continuously builds up inside its body. As tempting as it might be to touch, Mareep’s fleece only amps up the volume of its static charge, and touching it will deliver a powerful electric blast.

Mareep can evolve into Flaaffy, which retains traces of its sheep-like design, but its third evolution, Ampharos, is devoid of any fleece completely.


Lillipup Pokemon

For any Pokémon trainer  who is also a dog person, Lillipup is a dream come true. With face full of puffy fur, Lillipup resembles a sweet terrier puppy. With big brown eyes, a teeny tail, and fuzzy fur, the pup is undeniably cute. Lillipup’s fur is known for being used as a type of radar detection, and helps give the canine Pokémon additional information about its environment.

When viewed on the Pokédex 3D Pro, Lillipup has three toes per paw, and the bottom of its pads are actually blue. Lillipup looks cute in its naturally unevolved state, and continues to look adorable even when it starts to evolve.

Trainers can evolve the Pokemon into Herdier, which resembles a tiny Miniature Schnauzer or Terrier, and later into Stoutland. Fans were able to get a glimpse of the aww-worthy Lillipup in “The Battle According to Lenora!”, where it defeated Ash’s Tepig in the Gym battle.


Emolga Pokemon

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no—it’s Emolga! In the anime, fans were first introduced to the Pokémon in “Emolga the Irresistible!” when Iris caught a female Emolga. Super cute and squee-inducing, Emolga is reminiscent of a flying squirrel and another rodent-type creature. With round black eyes and bright yellow dots on its cheeks, Emolga is just one those Pokémon that make it hard to hold back a smile.

Trainers first got to add Emolga to the squad while playing the fifth generation games like Pokémon Black and White and Black and White 2. Classified as a Sky Squirrel Pokémon, Emolgas dwell in treetops and collect energy stores of electricity inside of their big cheeks. When they glide or attack, they can release a burst of electricity against an opponent. Some believe that Emolga is based on an actual Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. Fans were given a glimpse of the flying squirrel Pokémon in August 2010. The name “Emolga” seems to be a combination of the Japanese word “emon” which means drapery or clothes, and momonga, a scientific term for a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.


Growlithe Family Pokemon

Fans of Disney’s 1992 animated classic Aladdin will probably note a close comparison between this Pokémon and the lovable tiger, Rajah. With bold stripes and orange/cream colored fur, Growlithe is an adorable Fire-type Pokémon. At first glance, Growlithe might seem to be some sort of tiger, but the Pokémon is more reminiscent of a wolf-like puppy.

Originally introduced in the first generation Pokémon games, Growlithe can evolve into Arcanine with the use of a Fire Stone. Fans of the anime might recall that James of Team Rocket had a pet Growlithe in the series. Affectionately know as Growlie, James had the Pokémon as a pet when he was a child, but it remained behind when he ran away from home. Officer Jenny also worked with Growlithe and Arcanine Pokémon, which acted as police dogs in the series.

Growlithe might look tough right off the bat, but the Pokémon is actually friendly and extremely loyal to its trainer. Don’t mistake its kindness for weakness, as Growlithe Pokémon are strongly protective of its territory.


Pokemon Clefairy

For obvious reasons, we think Clefairy is totally adorable. Not only does it have teeny tiny little eyes, pink dots on its cheeks, and pointy cat-like ears, but it’s essentially a cute roly-poly ball of fluff. A Fairy-type of Pokémon from the original Red and Blue series, the Pokémon is known for being extremely shy.

Whimsical and charming, Clefairy often dance together beneath the light of a full moon. When the sun comes up, Clefairy Pokémon head back to bed and sleep in the mountains. Fans were given a look at the Fairy-type Pokémon during the episode “Clefairy and the Moon Stone” from the anime series. In the first episode of the anime series, Clefairy was even going to be Ash’s starter Pokémon instead of Pikachu.

The precursor form to Clefairy is Cleffa, a baby Fairy-type Pokémon that was introduced in the second generation series. Reminiscent of Nintendo’s Kirby, Cleffa is just as aww-inducing as Clefairy, but doesn’t seem to have its pointy teeth yet.


Jirachi Pokemon

Jirachi made its first debut during the third generation of Pokémon games, introduced in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, Jirachi is referred to as a male, but the Pokémon is genderless in the main games. The name “Jirachi” is a combination of the Russian word for “wish” and the Japanese word for wish, happiness, or fortune.

Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic mythical type, and will not evolve into other forms of Pokémon. With googly eyes and an adorable design, Jirachi is just so… freaking… cute! Although it has tiny legs, the Pokémon has lengthy arms and several flaps which flow downwards. Rare and mysterious, Jirachi are known for hibernating for decades.

Every thousand years, Jirachi will wake up for seven days and grant wishes. Jirachi was prominently featured in the anime entitled Jirachi: Wish Maker. Jirachi awakened during the time of a thousand-year-old comet, and Butler controlled it to create a destructive Groudon Pokémon. Butler, Max, and Ash worked together to help Jirachi destroy the devious Groudon Pokémon by using Jirachi’s signature move, Doom Desire.

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