Replacing the Old Tyres

It is a very good approach if you maintain your tyres effectively, but you have to consider your old tyres’ total lifespan. If you think your tyres are not ready to run on the roads, you should replace them with a fresh set of tyres.

You may have your reasons if you are not ready to change your tyres. However, if you look at the benefits of driving on new tyres, you will certainly go for new tyres for your vehicle.

Let us have a look at the main benefits of buying new tyres:

Provide better grip on the roads:

The Tread component of tyres wears out over time. Therefore, it is confirmed your tyres will not provide optimum traction on unpredictable road surfaces. You will suffer more if you drive your car with old tyres on snowy, muddy, or rocky roads. These road conditions increase the risks of driving with bald tyres.

On the other hand, new tyres will make it easier to stop or turn your vehicle on the roads. So, with new tyres, you can drive your car with full confidence on any road surface.

Optimum driving comfort:

Your worn-out tyres are not going to provide better driving comfort on the roads. Instead, they will generate more noise on the roads, and they may get a puncture at any time due to reduced tread depth.

Thus, please buy new tyres for a quiet, safe and comfortable drive.

Confirmed road safety:

We are sure safety on the road is your first concern, you believe it or not, but road safety vitally depends on your tyres’ health. A set of new feature-rich tyres is enough to provide proper road safety if you choose your tyres appropriately.

New tyres provide better fuel efficiency:

Old tyres have uneven patches of tread wear. Therefore, the tyres need to make more efforts to move the car ahead. But, unfortunately, it means your engine will feel more pressure to use extra fuel to disturb your fuel economy.

New tyres are free from this fault.

When to replace old tyres?

By telling you about the benefits of new tyres, we do not mean that you should replace your tyres even if they are ready for the roads. However, you do not need to be late if your tyres are seriously damaged.

You can determine the correct time to change your tyres West Bromwichwith the help of the following signs:

Reduced tread depth:

You have to change your new tyres if you find your tread depth is below 1.6mm. This is the legal limit of tread depth in the UK.

Tyres with a reduced tread depth is called bald, and driving with bald tyres is a total risk.

Cracks on sidewall:

If you check your Tyres and find out signs of cracks and cuts, you need to visit your service station to have a detailed examination of your tyres. In most cases, these signs on the sidewall indicate serious damage. If your professional is in favour of changing the tyres, you have to replace them.

It is possible you need your tyres urgently if you delay your decision for a long time. For example, maybe one of your four tyres burst in the middle of the road. In this situation, you should call a mobile tyre changing service. Such services provide Emergency Tyre Supply West Bromwich to their valued customers. So, if you do not want to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, change your damaged tyres soon.

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