Outdoor Playground Euipment

We live in the era of nuclear families and societies where the interaction with the outside world is minimal. Moreover, recent world events have made us familiar with the terms ‘quarantine’ and ‘isolation’ and it is safe to assume that we are going to spend a lot more time inside our houses in the future. While it is recommended to stay at home during such times, one should keep in mind that it is important for children to step out and play for their cognitive, motor, emotional and physical development.

People who know the importance of outdoor playing take this issue seriously and perhaps that is the reason they are interested in planting Outdoor Play Towers in their backyard or the lawn. Outdoor Play Towers are a safe option as they allow your children to stay isolated while playing and have several other benefits.



Children who play outdoor games have improved motor skills than children who remain indoors all the time. It is because outdoor games bring them closer to nature and allow them to use physical abilities in games like running, jumping, or sliding on an outdoor play tower.


One of the major advantages of playing with an outdoor play tower is that it keeps you fit and healthy. We crave lower body mass at an older age while children who play outdoor games remain in good shape.


Imagine you have an outdoor play tower installed right in front of your house. How many times can you climb up the ladder and slide down to have fun? You don’t know the exact answer because the fun is unparalleled and one wants to keep repeating it until they get really tired. Activities like these improve muscle strength as they expand your muscle tissues and allow them to grow.


One uses all of their senses while playing outdoor games which is rare in today’s times. When you sit in front of the TV or when you play inside a room, you do not get to use all of the senses at once. Outdoor games can also lead to the opening of the sixth sense, that is, the sense of happiness.



When the garden has limited space, it is much more viable to have a small climbing frame with just one slide. It has small dimensions and can be fitted into a corner easily. It is also a feasible option for toddlers and children under 8 years of age. The space of a garden is an important factor in calculating the size of a tower or a frame.


This play tower needs more space than a smaller one. As the name suggests, it has two slides on opposite sides. In this tower, more than one child can play at a time or a child can enjoy two slides. It is very popular among kids but it needs a bigger space. Ideally, it is made up of wood and is considered safe for children. In some of the households, parents install iron swings which are not safe as they have sharp edges. Also, they wear quickly due to rust and are not recommended.


An adult craves their own house and privacy but a child needs their own house to play with friends. Just like a dollhouse or a doghouse, a playhouse is a small wooden house designed for children to have fun in it. It is one of the most famous forms of an outdoor play tower which is loved by all the kids.

Outdoor play towers provide several health benefits and are essential for the overall growth and development of children. However, they are a bit expensive as they are made with safe and durable material and it is advisable to compare their prices before having them.

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