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What Does EHR software do at a Practice?

With the income of technology into every aspect of our daily lives, there is no doubt our lives have become easier and more convenient. EHR is medical software that you can use to manage your daily tasks at your clinical practice in an efficient and streamlined way.

There are many EHR software in the market, but we’re taking two of the most popular options. We will be comparing CureMD with athena EHR demo, pricing, and more, in a head-to-head battle to see how each performs in different areas.

athenahealth EHR

Features to Look Out For

athenahealth EHR offers you a number of interesting and useful features which are bound to making the running of your clinic smoother and more productive.

Centralized Dashboard

Using the athenahealth dashboard can allow you to quickly view all the tools at your disposal and navigate through them easily. The information in the dashboard is created using a summary of all available information and is useful for a doctor with a number of patients who looking to keep track of all work effectively. 

User-Friendly Patient Portal

Next, there’s an intuitive patient portal available that takes away much of the bulk of administrative work that you do on a day-to-day basis and shifts a lot of the tools into the hands of your patients. 

Using the tool, patients can sign in and use the scheduling tool to select their own appointment dates and time, plus they can use a secure communication feature to speak to their physician knowing their data is safe using HIPAA compliant software. Patients can also view their medical records at any time using the remote patient portal. 

Create Useful Clinical Notes

Using athenahealth EHR, you can save on the time taken between and during patient encounters using a clinical summaries tool. This allows you to create a summary for each encounter and add it to the patient file for future reference for you and other doctors. 

Pricing and Demo

When it comes to the pricing of the software, athenahealth EHR is a relatively affordable option – with the license to use the software beginning at $140 a month per user, meaning you will need to create a new user profile for every single doctor at your practice. A more complete pricing package can be created by receiving a quote from the vendor.

For businesses looking to use the software or see it in action, there is always an option to catch an athena EHR demo from athenahealth as they will go over the entire interface of the software and show you how it works in practice to inform your decision of whether this software will be right for you and your practice. 


Features to Look Out For

Onto our next software that is being compared, we have CureMD EHR – this powerful software has its own set of features that make it a viable contender.

Prescribe Medications Online

The CureMD EHR tool lets physicians and clinicians prescribe medications online through an e-prescription service, which allows each clinic to be connected to a network that includes more than 40,000 pharmacies in the United States. 

The e-Prescribing tool can also be used to create updated medication lists, adjust doses based on age and weight, prescribe and process out medication refills, and check for eligibility for real-time prescriptions. 

Connect with Different Stakeholders

Interoperability is a key feature of the CureMD EHR, which allows clinics to connect with various kinds of stakeholders and share information. This includes pharmacies, imaging providers, registries, and giant hospital networks.

Automated Workflow

One of the goals of the CureMD EHR is that the practice should be able to set up their own workflow management style, to fit the circumstances of each clinic.

This allows them to run their operations in a personalized way, by allowing the software to learn from the processes they are already utilizing, and instead of replacing them altogether, enhancing and improving the workflow with automated tools and features. 

Pricing and Demo

The electronic health records software by CureMD can be purchased at the rate of $295 a month for each user. There are integrations and different packages available that you can request from the vendor based on the needs of your clinic. 

To see the CureMD software in action, you can request to see a demo of the software from the vendor to see the unique features and tools it offers. 

Final Verdict – athenahealth or CureMD?

Between these two, there sure are a lot of benefits to each that make them good options for your practice. One of the ways that you can do this is by envisioning the perfect software and comparing its features with both athenaheath EHR and CureMD EHR.

Finally, a way to tell them apart is seeing what they look like in action. You can ask to see both a athena EHR demo and a CureMD demo and decide which one works best for you. Either way, you will have a powerful tool for the betterment of your clinic.

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