When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are countless choices available in the market today, therefore, it can be quite challenging for a customer to decide which to opt and which to drop. There is nothing to worry, be it electronic-cigarettes, Juul Pods, Mods or other vaping devices, the most suitable for you is merely dependent on what you like the most in your smoking experience. 

All of the aforementioned devices offer clean nicotine delivery, without the production of tar and odour. It is true there are some differences between each of these devices, making each of them either better or worse for you.

How Juul Came Into Existence?

Adam Bowen and James Monsees were two friends who met at Stanford University as Design students. Both had been smokers for years and both longed to quit it. Neither of them could find a better alternative for cigarettes. Therefore, Adam and James realized the need and opportunity to combine industrial design and technological innovations to create a groundbreaking invention in the tobacco industry, which had been stagnant for more than a century. Their invention was the Juul system.

Juul VS Electric Cigarettes Or Vape Pens 

The Juul Works best for the people who have just started because Juul is relatively simple and consists of only two parts i.e. The flavour pods and the device. Since Juul is light in weight, holding it feels very similar to holding a regular cigarette. Moreover, it gets activated the instant one draws from it!  

On the other hand, Vape pens are much more complex and they consist of three parts: a heating coil, a battery and a battery reservoir. The vape is activated by filling the e-liquid, pressing the button and inhaling the contents. In vapes, there are several styles and one needs to initially try different devices to know their preferences. 

If we compare Juul and Vape pens, we will see that both of them have their advantage. The Juul looks very similar to vape pen starter-up packs, however, they might be a bit more expensive if we compare the price of flavours offered by the pods with the e-liquids of vapes. One advantage that vape pens have over Juul is that vape pens allow the consumer to customize the amount of nicotine and flavourings.

What Makes Juul Different?

If you are curious to know what makes Juul distinct from its sibling vaporizers, here is a list for you:

  • Unlike other vaporizers, the Juul system provides a real alternative to tobacco cigarettes. 
  • The JULL looks futuristic in comparison to other devices, therefore, one can easily distinguish them from the first-generation e-cigarettes. The JULL system looks nothing similar to a round white stick, it is rather flat and looks like a high-technology device. It also has easy to insert rotatable technology that couples with the compactness of the device. 
  • The Juul further has a number of innovative features, including the heater automatization technology, which provides a regulated heating element to ensure the consistent delivery of the product. So irrespective to your long or short puffs, the vapour you will receive will always have an almost ideal temperature. 
  • The JUUL system uses a formulation of proprietary liquid nicotine, including an organic acid, benzoic acid, which if inhaled or vaporized, provide the consumer with an excellent delivery of nicotine, but less than the amount present in a regular cigarette. 
  • Using the Juul system is ideal for people who want to move away from smoking cigarettes because it’s designed to provide convenience. 
  • At E-lite we use the finest quality to manufacture the materials and flavourings with strict quality control during the manufacturing and distribution. 

The Juul Pods are intuitive, simple and very easy to use. We firmly believe that guilty smokers who want to get rid of their smoking habits should give our Juul Pods an honest try. Since we believe that satisfaction is the key to support your transition, we provide high-quality nicotine, which makes up for the nicotine they have been trying to cut by quitting cigarettes. Compared to many other products in the market, our approach to reducing nicotine consumption is different and more successful. Therefore, if you are tired of your addiction to cigarettes, we highly recommend you to try our Golden Tobacco and Classical Methanol Juul Pod.

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