Earlier in June this year, Apple unveiled some of the new tools and technologies which can be used by the iOS developers to bring in more interesting features in the mobile apps. Xcode Cloud has got some new tools to build and test the applications using cloud services. The whole system is now empowered by some very useful tools which will help the developer to offer some new, exciting as well as extremely beneficial products to the users and that too suiting to their requirement. Mobile App Development Company San Francisco has a dedicated team of iOS developers who are now capable of offering more new outlooks to their clients as per their business requirement.

Now the App store can easily host the events within apps which will provide the developers with the platform to have an open communication with their clients and it will also help in promotion of the apps.


Below mentioned are the details of the tools and techniques which was recently presented by Apple:


More mobile applications and games are added in the App store which feature events like live streaming, live competitions, movie premiers and many more. Also, users can easily discover about these events through personalized and customized notifications, recommendations, search results, recommendations, editorial selections etc.

Overall, this will help the developers in increasing their target audience and they develop contact with them which will further help them to explore the business opportunities.

It also allows the developers to create different versions of a particular product page and present different features to the different categories of users.

How good it sounds to have a look in advance of how the product page will look or the screenshots or app icons or maybe preview videos. And all this was made possible through the Product Page Optimization tool.

In App Store Connect, the privacy analytics features have been enhanced which now gives the developers details about what features which users enjoy and then they can customize their product page as per their interest. This will definitely increase the user engagement.


It is specifically designed for the Apple platforms only. It is designed for whole new and continuous integration and delivery of the cloud service. It is built into Xcode 13 and lays down a base for a simple and fastest way in which the developers and different sizes of team can build, compile, test and deliver good quality of mobile applications, thus overall increases the work efficiency.

Xcode Cloud also helps in building the applications on cloud by default which ultimately frees up the resources of Mac computers which can be mutually used by the developers for some other tasks or purpose.

Another feature, Parallel testing in the cloud means developers can simultaneously check how the developed application will perform on each of the current Apple device models. This gives them an idea on what changes are required as per different devices accordingly.

Once the performance is checked, the already compiled mobile application can easily be submitted to the internal QA and testing department. Or it can also be sent to the independent Beta testers through the Test Flight module to get an instant response or some sort of feedback.


SWIFT is Apple’s powerful as well as intuitive programming language which now supports parallel computing as well. It now possesses the in-built concurrency support for the developers which helps in easier writing of the code. And due to concurrency, the developers can now be able to write modern, fast as well as safe code with less mistakes. They can also take full advantage of the powerful multicore silicon.

Swift playgrounds lays a great foundation to learn programming directly on Mac or iPad. Swift Playground 4 is launched this year which allows the developers to use SwiftUI to design the mobile applications. The app projects can be easily opened and edited in the Swift Playgrounds or Xcode and once they are ready, can be easily compiled to develop a real app and submit the same directly to the App store from the iPad.

Swift UI has enhanced the approach to develop the User Interface. Through SwiftUI, using minimalistic code, one can build beautiful mobile applications. It now allows developers to add on different convenient features which will make the app more user-friendly. These new features includes better search experience, multicolumn tablets, better list views etc.


The new tools in iOS, iPad OS, macOS will support the core game developers to build such a game which offers a completely unique experience to the gamers. The optimized format for Apple Silicon and metal texture all new compression tools helps even the simple developers to build a high-end game for all kinds of iOS platforms.

Also, a new feature by name Virtual Game Controller on iPad and iPhone offers a simple way to optimize the games which is developed in Game Controller assistance.


ARKit refers to a framework which facilitates developers to easily create the AR experiences, animation, audio, or physics engine etc. and Apple possesses almost 1 billion AR enabled services which makes Apple the world’s largest AR platform.

A feature by name Object Capture is really helpful for the developers as it enables them to develop 3D models of the objects by just taking photos on iPhone or iPad. And these 3D models can later be seen in AR Quick look.

Some of the developers like Unity & Maxon are already using this feature to their core use and are exploring multiple ways to present 3D models which can also impress the end-users. The new APIs assist the developers to give a completely real experience in their apps so that the users are more and more engaged in the same. And this ultimately helps in yielding revenue for the company.


1)Slack and We Chat like messaging apps can now share the status of the user during conversation itself. Any notifications from UberEATS like apps will be read by Siri.

2)Shazam Kit is another very useful tool for the developers which helps them to integrate the audio recognition technology directly into their app.

3)In order to enhance the experience of Facetime, portrait mode will be now available to support the third-party video calling apps.

4)Share play is another unique tool introduced by Apple through which the performance of apps like Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu, Master Class, ESPN + are enhanced at another level on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


The above points give an idea on all the new tools introduced by Apple and how they will be useful to the developers. Now, point to be noted is that the Beta version for the developers is already available on developer.apple.com for the users who are using iOS 15, iPad OS 15, Watch OS 8, TVOS 15 and few others. Xcode Cloud is now limitedly available and will be accessible to every developer in the coming year.

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