Anti-Fog Protective Safety Goggles, Clear Lens Fog-Free Anti Scratch and Wide-Vision Adjustable Chemical Splash Eye Protection Soft Lightweight Eyewear

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Product Description

protective zero fog gogglesprotective zero fog goggles

Instruction Manual for Zero Fog Goggles


Gently peel off the protective layer of the lens before the first time use.Press the switch of goggles on, and the indicator light turns green, indicating that it starts to work.Cleaning: firstly use a wet towel or wet paper towel to remove dust, sweat, and other impurities on the goggles, and dry as soon as possible.Be careful not to clean or disinfect it when the goggles are dry to prevent alcohol from damaging the coating of the lens.Please avoid liquid from flowing into the USB port. If you need to rinse with water, please take out the electronic filter before rinse.

protective safety gogglesprotective safety goggles

Let Our Electric Anti-Fog Safety Goggles Make Your Life Safer

Global Patent

Are you still worrying about the frequent fogging of safety goggles that affect the line of sight? Our newly developed Zero-Fog electronic safety goggles with global patents solve this big pain point of all goggles in the industry, no matter how long you wear them, it will not produce Any fog, Safe, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, Zero Noise, Perfect Fit, you will love it!

What Makes it Special?

Unique ventilation design system to keep fresh air flowing.Innovative wave hole filter with large air volume and small wind resistance.Using Imported Japan HEPA high-efficiency filter PM2.5 99.9% filtration.Fan design, maximum air volume, low noise as low as 27DB. The unique air protection design allows clean air to fill the eyes

Adopt electronic anti-fogging design, actively defog, remove water vapor and residual heat out of the goggles, without fogging or sultry heat, allowing you to enjoy super clear vision, helping special groups such as doctors and nurses and special places solve the problem of fogging with goggles that affects vision.

Advantages Zero-Fog Powered No Stuffiness Zero noise High Filtration Efficiency USB Charge Design Ergonomic Design 180-degree ultra-wide view field Longer Lifespan

zero fog protective safety goggleszero fog protective safety goggles

protective safety goggles

protective safety goggles

anti-fog goggles

anti-fog goggles

safety protective goggles

safety protective goggles

High Strength Anti Fog Coating Technology

These work goggles lens used nr anti-fog coating technology, the lens can be washed by wet cloth or water. But the lens can not be washed by using soapy water and alcohol, because the alcohol will damage the anti fog coating, then the lens will fog up, we suggest to use the dry cloth to wape the safety goggles lens

High Impact Resistance

The safety goggles are made of scratch- and impact-resistant material, which is durable to protect your eyes against everything from minor irritants like sawdust to extremely dangerous materials like chemical splashes.

Clear View

The high-transparency polycarbonate lens has an anti-fog coating, which can maximize prevent the formation of fog, thereby ensuring a clear and safe view anytime and anywhere, especially in cold environments.

protective safety gogglesprotective safety goggles

Safety and Compliant are Important Goals of Any Worker , When You Have Jobs or Environments that Require Reliable, Comfortable Eye Protection, You Can Choose AURORA Safety Goggles Confidently


(1) If the product has been contaminated or the wearer leaves the severely infected area, it should be disposed specially and not reused.

(2)The anti-fog coating of the lens will be affected and the anti-fog effect of the lens will be weakened after cleaned and repeated disinfected by alcohol and wipe the lens. This is a material characteristic and is a normal phenomenon.

【ZERO-FOG POWERED】Our safety goggles adopt electronic anti-fogging design, it blows the airflow in the frame to the outside of the goggles, remove water vapor and residual heat out of the goggles, without fogging or sultry heat, allowing you to enjoy super clear vision. The electronic filter of our goggles adopts HEPA H13 filtration which can be 99% effective filtration of smoke.
【USB CHARGE DESIGN】Our Electric Anti-Fog Safety Goggles have a built-in 500mh battery. It designed for long time use, continuous power supply for 6-8 hours after fully charged. Please avoid liquid flowing into the USB port whenever, and if you need to rinse goggles with water, please take out the electronic filter at first.
【SCRATCH RESISTANT】High scratch resistance and impact resistance of our goggles helps prevent eye and face injuries from flying objects.It is perfect for the construction site and labs to protect you from dust and debris.The special coating of the lens makes the goggles very scratch-resistant on the outside, and polarized lenses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Ergonomically designed and equipped with a comfortable adjustable elastic headband provides a sealed and comfortable wear and fits over most prescription glasses. The soft material on the contact surface ensures a perfect fit for every head shape and is completely sealed between the face and the environment. It is very comfortable to wear and suitable for everyone.
【CLEAN AND STORE】Please use a wet towel or paper towel to remove dust, sweat and other impurities on the goggles firstly, and store them somewhere won’t get scratched or damaged after it becomes dry.

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