Amazing Ways to Help Your Kid Love Maths

Will your child be attending primary school in the coming year? Then they are bound to find Math included in their syllabus. It is an important subject for any student as this subject helps them to understand the numbers which are used daily like dates, time, prices and measurements. While the subject can be difficult for many students, the current P1 curriculum has been designed for helping children to learn the subject even if they haven’t been taught about the concepts before.

In Primary 1 Maths, students will be taught about all the basic things which they need for understanding the subject and this ranges from teaching your kid to count up to 100 and other things. Math tuition centres in Singapore reports that students will have to work with Number Patterns, Double and Single digits, learn about Number Bonds, Multiplication and Division, learn about the basic shapes, learn how to compare sizes, weight and length, etc. But in Singapore, though the syllabus of the Ministry of Education is highly advanced, sadly the teaching method by which students are taught the subject is extremely primitive, boring and bland which fails to attract them. This may also lead to students to start avoiding it and this may increase the problems for them without reducing them. But we at Miracle Learning Centre, are here to tell you about techniques which parents can use to help their children learn Mathematic added with fun from the comfort of their home. So here we are with some tips to help you get started –

Take your kid to the market

Calculating prices in the market is a great way of learning Math. While you are shopping, you can ask your child to count the number of items in the trolley. You can also ask them to help you add the pieces which you have or need, and can also add the numbers on your bill. Even if you are out for dinner or lunch, you can make them count the bill.

Read the fun books of Math

Math is not all about the boring and flat things, there is actually a brighter side of the subject which is actually full of fun. You can find some fun with Maths books which you can buy for your kids. These books can help your children to get their lost interest in the subject back. Some of the math books will also show visual examples about how subtraction, addition, multiplication and other basic concepts of Math are done by utilizing things about which kids are familiar with.

Teach them number patterns using puzzles

You can enhance the analytical skills and numerical prowess of your child by introducing puzzles like logic and sudoku puzzles.

You can use comics for introducing problems

If your child has a fascination with comics, then take advantage of this. You can draw your own comics which can help them for learning problems sums and how they can analyze them properly.

Use songs for introducing the multiplication and other mathematical concepts

With the help of nursery rhymes or some catchy songs, you can also introduce your kids to Math. For instance, you can take help of songs like Ten Little Fishes or 5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed which are highly popular among the young kids. You can also create a new song completely by yourself and sing along with your kids.

Teach subtraction, addition, division and multiplication using props

You can simply use props for helping your child for understanding the basic Math functions like subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. With these props, you can ask them questions like that “if you have two pencils, and you buy three more, how many in total will you be left?”

Using a weighing scale for teaching concepts of weight and mass

With the help of a weighing scale, you can teach your kids the concepts of “heavier than” or “lighter than”. You can allow them to weigh vegetables, fruits and other items. This will add the fun quotient which was missing from the learning process. Similar to this, you can also teach them about time, counting money or measuring the length of an item using a clock, coins and ruler.

Mathematic is a vital subject which is avoided by several people mainly when they are introduced to the more complex topics of the subject. But we should not let that negative thought come in mind in our kids who are just learning the basics of Math. Math tuition centre in Singapore like Miracle Learning Centre believes that when the learning process of the students are made full of fun which boosts their interest in the subject and makes them love it.

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