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Passing your driving might be Improve Confidence but test successfully is a good day for drivers, but securing a license does not mean the progress will be simple. For most, driving is a skill that becomes better with the
passage of time. We questioned drivers what their biggest fears were after clearing their driving
test, and motorway driving came out as the number one fear.

The top ten biggest fears of new drivers are listed below:
 Motorway driving
 Crashing
 Driving in bad weather
 Parallel parking
 Stalling
 Reverse parking
 Driving at night
 Driving on new or unknown roads
 Driving alone
Car parts maintenance

New drivers can improve their confidence when out and about on the road for the first few
months by maintaining the following practices.

Practice more on new route

Driving on unknown routes can be scary and the imagination of getting lost is very real. It is
recommended to study the area beforehand to get an idea of where you are going. Give yourself
plenty of extra time for your journey so that you can take your time to understand the route to
follow and the roads to drive through.

Consider taking extra lessons to Improve Confidence

Motorways are intimidating, especially for a new driver. A great way to overcome the fears and
nervousness regarding motorway driving is to ensure that you take a Pass Plus course after you
pass your driving test just to give you that extra confidence! You can speak to your instructor
about booking extra training after you’ve passed your driving test.

Carry out audi car parts checks before you set off

Driving at night time poses a new set of challenges that can leave some drivers feeling nervous.
A good way to ensure that you feel confident when driving in the dark is to check, before you
leave that all your lights are working, and your windows and mirrors are clean. This will
maximize your visibility and help you feel more confident during the drive.

Prepare your Audi car parts for bad weather driving

Driving in bad weather, such as rain or snow can be quite intimidating. To help overcome this
and to feel more prepared for your drive, de-ice your audi car parts, make sure that the engine is
warmed up and all windows are free from mist before setting off.

Practice on quieter roads

After passing your test, driving completely alone for the first time without an instructor can be a
nerve-racking prospect. Before heading out onto busy main roads by yourself, practice on quieter
roads to build up your confidence when you’re alone in the vehicle and avoid rush hour. Once
you feel more confident, slowly begin to venture out into busier areas.

You are bound to be a confident driver in very less time by following these useful tips. It is very
important to ensure not to let your confidence replace the quality of your driving, and ensure you
follow the correct procedures at all times.

Author’s Bio

Glenn Winslow. A Professor at Penn State university started the first driver’s education course in
1934 at a high school in state college .However, obviously vehicle types, traffic condition and
behavioral issues have involved since then so just how well have we to kept up with preparing

people to try drive safely especially those spend hours each week behind the wheel going to and
from work.


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