ALKISS Busy Board Montessori Toddler Sensory Travel Toy for Toddlers and Young Children 1-3 Years Old Learning to Dress Activity Toy with Alphabet for Kids (2021 Upgrade)

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Product Description


busy board toybusy board toy

Original Design Busy Board for Toddlers

Several learning elements have been added

The outer layer of our toddler activity board is designed with alphabet and calendar/clock learning panels, adding more learning and playing fun for your kids. Children can learn the concepts of time, days,months, weather and seasons in a playful way by moving the Slidable arrow on the busy board. The clock dials will help kids in grasping how to read time, and understand the significance of punctuality at an early age.

Learn While You Play!

This sensory board is specially designed for preschoolers. This activity board or development board, is a great learning & educational toy that works fine motor skills in a baby or toddler. 17 fun mini-games let babies immerse themselves in the fun of playing while subconsciously learning practical life skills, which is far more efficient than other learning methods! There are so many benefits of busy boards such as fine motor skill refinement, developing the imagination, encouraging practical life skills, problem solving, hand-eye coordination improvement, sensory learning from colors, shapes etc.

Montessori Sensory Toy that allows toddlers to learn life skills through the fun of playing


Montessori Sensory Toy that allows toddlers to learn life skills through the fun of playing


A Wide Variety of Games.

ALKISS toddler busy board contains 17 brightly colored dressing practice mini-games, including buttons, zippers, hair braids, etc., allowing toddlers to learn more life skills in one toy.

High Quality and Safe Materials.

We choose premium soft felt fabric to make the main body of the busy boards for toddlers 2-4, and the various small accessories included are made of high-quality plastic that is safe and smell free, you can let your child play with it confidently.

Firm and Fine Alignment.

Do not worry that strong kids may tear this Montessori learning toy, because we have carefully done every alignment and details with reinforcement to ensure better quality and longer service life.

Travel Toys to Take with You.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact design, you can easily put it in your backpack and take it anywhere you want. Don’t worry about your baby crying because there’s nothing to do on a long trip. Take ALKISS toddler busy bag with you so your baby can spend time quietly and attentively on planes, trains and in the back seat of a car.


Bright colors can promote the visual development of infants.Improve fine motor skills and enhance finger strength.Provide pleasant color sensory experience.Introduce problem solving and causal exploration.



SPECIFICATIONS: Material: premium quality soft felted wool

Age of Application: 3 + years old

Size: 11 x 9 x 1.9 in/28x23x4.8cm

Weight: 0.45 lb/0.2kg

Warm Tips:

As there are some small parts in this busy board, we suggest children under the age of 3 to play this busy board under the supervision of parents.

17-IN-1 SENSORY TOY WITH ALPHABET & WATCH – ALKISS provides your baby with the most informative toddler busy board – busy bag’s interior is designed with 17 fun dressing practice games, including zippers, shoelaces, hair braids, buttons, belt buckles, etc., while on the outside of this busy bag, we designed the alphabet and clocks, calendar learning games, by playing with this one toy, the baby can lean and exercise many basic life skills.
SOFT & SAFE MATERIAL, REINFORCED SEAMS – ALKISS toddler activity board are made of high-quality fabric and accessories, the whole is soft and burr-free, will not cut baby’s delicate fingers. This busy boards for toddlers 2-4 is smell free and safe, so you can let your baby play with it confidently. If you have a strong baby, you do not have to worry about this product will be torn because we have reinforced every alignment to ensure a longer service life.
LEARNING THROUGH PLAYING – Interest is the best teacher, and the most effective way to learn is through playing and games. ALKISS Montessori learning toy is specially designed for toddlers from 1-4 years old with multiple go-to sensory games that allow them to learn life skills while playing. It also allows baby to stay busy and quiet, giving mom time to do housework, read and do her own thing.
KEEP YOUR BABY BUSY DURING TRIPS – If your baby feels anxious while traveling, then you must try this busy boards for toddlers 2-4. With 17 life skill training games inside and an alphabet and clock/calendar learning feature on the outside, this brightly colored and handy toddler busy board allows your baby to immerse themselves in the fun of playing while calming their anxiety during travel. Can be taken in cars, trains and airplanes.
PERFECT GIFT & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you are still looking for a gift for toddlers of 1-4 years old, you should look no further. This toddler activity board is an ideal gift choice for kids’ birthday, Christmas, children’s day, new year, Easter and all other special events. Please check the package content upon receiving the product. If you have any question about the product, please don’t hesitate to turn to us, we are always ready to help you!

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