Affiliate marketing: how to manage coupons deals

Deal sites and coupons contribute to pushing a lot of traffic. For a few merchants, coupon sites will bring most of the new customers. On the other hand, some coupon websites will deliver the existing customers. To make the most out of coupon sites it should fulfill the desires of the merchants. Some factors should be taken into account while working with a coupon site like:

Traffic from search engines: less traffic is preferred from search engines fundamentally.

New versus existing customers: you need to evaluate regularly whether the site is driving new customers or the existing ones.

Responsiveness: you need to check if you can easily remove the deal that you don’t want.

Quality of content: many retailers prefer to work with the sites that have editorial content rather than the sites which have a directory of coupon codes.

A few coupon sites like or RetailMeNot allow consumers to submit offers and codes from dealers. It is quite challenging to have a particular promotion for a target demographic. For instance, a code is rewarding you with 10 percent off on the next purchase can be given to RetailMeNot or other than the target audience and the people who are shopping will be able to get the discount.  Such practice will lessen the effect of the marketing campaign.

If you have good terms with the associate which is posting the 10 percent discount then you can simply ask them to remove the code. Often, the coupon associates are responsible and will listen to your matter. If they don’t respond sympathetically, you can eliminate them from your program or decrease their commission rate to zero to trigger a response.

Combining editorial with coupon codes

Some other sites are also there other than RetailMeNot, like and which promote an editorial staff that determines if the deal will be promoted or not. And then the staff will write reviews of the product and will make a unique content to persuade customers to take the benefit of the deal.

This kind of practice certainly adds value to sites like that are attempting to make the core understanding for the consumer into the marketing field. The sites which have editorial content also entice the demands of the customers by developing a desire and activating throb purchases. It is important to understand what percentage of a coupon associate’s traffic is coming from the search engines and what share is commencing from the site itself.

Distribution tools for coupons, deals

Associate managers can also take benefit of the different deals and coupon distribution tools. Most associate networks will have a devoted tool that you can utilize to publicize your deals and coupons. has a coupon and deals database that permits the retailers to give particular deal parameters. The database is beneficial not only because you can simply distribute the information of deals like the specified expiration dates and unique collateral but also aids you to show the deals to your associate managers. The database works as a tool to call up new associates.

Non-network tools

There are several non-network distribution tools also like FMTC and are expanded as For Me to Coupon. This provides you with a portfolio of content aggregation tools for associates and bloggers. FMTC connects to various associate networks to help the associate user to find the deals, promos, and content to read at a single destination. FMTC also gives you a platform to handle what deals come in their tools. There are two types of services for dealers namely free and premium.

With the free level, you can manage the listings of deals and with the premium level, you can get the additional tools like pods which is a WordPress plugin that permits associates and bloggers to combine a dynamic fabrication storefront onto their sites. With the help of this tool, you can also restrict content to a particular deal of a specific product category.

There is one more tool for managing coupons and deals and is named BrandVerity’s coupon code monitoring which permits the retailers to observe particular codes and explore where they are posted online. Retailers can analyze associates uploading unauthorized coupons, getting alerts when the code is expired. This also facilitates to communicate directly with the associates.

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