Horses are ubiquitous in entire England, especially for those who own a barn or are involved in horse games like horse races, horse polo, and so on. Even though horses are sturdier and more robust than other animals comparatively, they feel the coldness of the harsh winters the UK experiences. To stay healthy and warm, they need an extra protection layer since a horse’s skin is not covered with furs or extra fatty layers, which will act as the insulation.

It is because of this reason that the heavyweight turnout rug has become so popular in the country. It’s a warm protection cover solely made for the horses having low cold intolerance and high chances of falling sick during the winters. Even though these rugs are essential for the animal, many people are out there who are still unaware of the benefits.

For this reason, we have decided to help you out and discuss the significant advantages of a turnout rug for a horse.

The rugs help in keeping the horses warm in winters

Winters are very harsh in England, thanks to the chilly winds, snowfall, and the temperature that usually drops below the normal. Since horses stay in the stables, it is very much expected that they might feel the coldness. Yes, the stables are insulated in today’s time, and the windows and doors are kept closed. These measurements are not enough to keep the horses safe from the weather’s chillness. This is where the heavyweight turnout rug comes into the role play.

It acts as a protection cover from infections and fever

Humans have the best health treatments globally, yet we suffer from so many infections during the winter. Just imagine how difficult it is for the horses to spend their days in the open, tolerating the winters with no protection? It is mainly because the animals fall sick and even suffer from fevers now and then. For protecting them against infections and fever, you need to keep them warm, which can be done only with heavyweight horse rugs. You can choose from different sizes and shapes to ensure that every animal can protect them yearn for.

A heavyweight horse rug will not hamper their daily activities

Even though the name sounds heavyweight, these rugs can be maneuvered easily, and hence your horses wouldn’t feel suffocated after wearing them. Yes, but you need to get the perfect size such that the rug can fit around the horse’s body snugly. Since the rugs almost act like the second skin, the animals wouldn’t have to compromise their daily activities, be it taking the stroll through the bushes or running laps on the field.

Over the years, the heavyweight turnout rug has helped people to keep their horses safe and sound during the winters. If you want to keep the animals healthy, you need to get this protection cover earliest for all the horses you have, irrespective of their age.

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