People who may have had crowded teeth from a very young age may not have been bothered so much by it. However, as they grow older and their face begins to change, the crowding may become more pronounced and self-consciousness sets in.

Age also causes jaw bone density to decrease and change shape. In women, this can start around their mid-40s, and in men, it could be noticed around the age of 65 years. You may have a good smile; one that’s big and wide with healthy teeth, yet the crowding at your lower teeth may start giving you concern. Do you think you would want to wear braces as an adult? The choice is yours to make.

But have you looked into Invisalign, the clear alternative to metal braces? Let’s talk a little about this treatment. While you may feel you don’t want something that’s absolutely perfect; just a little adjustment here and there and you’re good to go, Invisalign offers more.

In a few months, you can have your uncrowded teeth well lined out, and if you want them very straight, you can have that as well. Plus your confidence will be restored with a brighter smile. During Invisalign consultation, your dentist will show you a graphic pictorial video of how your teeth will appear as they gradually move into the correct position. This includes every phase of your teeth movement. Isn’t that fantastic?

After that, your series of aligners will be designed, and you will have to change into a new set every one to two weeks until your teeth have finally moved into position.

You will be required to wear the aligners for the most part of the day; usually for a minimum of 22 hours each day. And you have to take them out to eat and clean your teeth. Sounds easy enough, right?

That being said, it can be pretty amazing what you can do to get the best out of your aligners. After getting that beautiful smile, you wouldn’t want to trade it for something else. So here’s the deal. There are certain tips to consider about handling your aligner trays for continuing efficacy and optimum results. Meanwhile, if you need Invisalign London, we can provide you with one that fits your case.

Carry-on tooth care kit

If you invest in a portable toothbrush and mini toothpaste carrier, you will find it easy to care for your teeth and aligners. You can simply get one and put in your bag wherever you go. As you eat and drink, you wouldn’t want to wear your aligners again without first cleaning your teeth. Do you know that the aligners can hold back leftover food particle from leaving your teeth? This can cause tooth decay and of course, bad breath. But, with your toothbrush carrier on the go, you can easily reach in, grab your stuff, clean your teeth and put on your aligners without any hassle. What does this mean for you? You’re actually stepping up your oral hygiene with this tip. And it will trigger faster results.

Near invisibility

Each new set of aligners can hurt a little as they shift your teeth into position. You will soon get used to that with time. Plus you will even forget that you’re wearing aligners since they are barely noticeable. As a matter of fact, only very few persons will observe that you are putting on aligners. What a subtle way to straighten the teeth!

Another benefit is that with your aligners in, it would be impossible to take snacks. This means you just have to take your regular meals every time for the next few months of treatment.

Should you suffer bruxism or teeth grinding when you sleep, it would be hard to experience such when wearing aligners.

Eating out

It is quite easy for women to carry their tooth kit and retainer pack anywhere they go—they’ve always got their handbag. Good for them, right? But what about the men? For guys, you can put your kit in your briefcase or satchel. And you need to take them out before the lunch begins as you wouldn’t have anywhere to put them, and your fellow lunchers may not like your retainer box sitting on the table.

An important truth here is that your aligners can cause dey mouth. But you can deal with that by simply carrying a water bottle. A little sip every now and then will keep your mouth moist and hydrated, and wash off any remaining food particle on your teeth — another benefit you get when you use Invisalign.

What about drinks? Tea, coffee, and other colored beverages will stain your aligners and make them look unattractive. So, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, you really should apply the brakes right now. Besides, one of the dos of Invisalign is that you should drink only water with your aligners on. Remember to keep this in mind.

Taking care of your aligners

After wearing a set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a week, they might look tired and a bit old. But that is not a problem at all. Soaking your aligners in diluted mouthwash while having your breakfast or dinner, and brushing them afterward with a soft-bristled toothbrush without toothpaste can restore their glow as you return them back to use. Kindly avoid the use of toothpaste in brushing your aligners as they contain toxic ingredients that can corrode your aligners. Should you not have a diluted mouthwash, soaking your aligners in water with a denture tab can do the trick. Not only will your trays be cleaned out, but your breath will also be minty as you get out there.

Switching into a new set

You might find it less of a problem changing your aligners at night. Granted, they might feel very tight around your teeth, of course, they’re doing their job, and your eyes may get watery, but this discomfort isn’t much that you’ll have a sleepless night. Besides, popping them in at night with a mild painkiller like ibuprofen will see you looking good at dawn.


After putting in your time and money to achieve that amazing smile, it is time to maintain it. Your dentist will give you retainers to wear at night, so your teeth don’t relapse (move back to its former position). Again, you don’t have to wear a splint to prevent you from grinding your teeth at night.

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