Having long and glossy hair is everyone’s fantasy that is why hair products have taken the market by storm, but buying one hair product after another, using it religiously, and waiting for the results only to realize that it doesn’t work for you is an excruciating process. Hair loss is an inevitable process and as much it seems painful, it is given that it is very little we can do about that. After years and years of research, hair experts have come up with the common solution i.e. essential. Using essentials although cannot make your lost hair magically reappear, they are still very effective for they help to strengthen the already present hair, preventing your head from further shedding and they also help to nourish your scalp, consequently making your hair to grow in strength and length.

Applying oil to your scalp and messaging it inside is crucial for hair growth, especially in places with a dry atmosphere, such as the United Kingdom. Fortunately, realizing the gravity of the situation, Kaden Kor has come up with the best hair growth oil UK that would not only help to rejuvenate your hair but also speed its growth up. Since every customer is different from others, the company presents custom-formulated oil, to create a unique formula for every customer. To better understand the working of essential oil we have formulated a list of the essential oils that would help you to reach your hail goal.

  1. Rosemary

If there is an elixir for hair thickening, it is none other than Rosemary oil. This oil stimulates the growth of hair by causing dilation in blood vessels, increasing cell division of the scalp, and consequently making the hair follicles consume extra nutrients and oxygen for hair growth.

  1. Bergamot

A popular choice for aromatherapy, Bergamot is also loaded with anti-microbial properties, which is essential for healthy hair. The chemicals in all the styling and hair care products along with natural sebum and dirt clog the hair follicles, creating an ideal home for bacteria to grow, this then leads to multiple scalp issues such as eczema, acne and even infection. This is where Bergamot comes into action, the antimicrobial agents present in the oil of Bergamot hamper the growth of these nasty bacteria, causing them to eventually die and making the scalp clean and healthy.

  1. Cedarwood

If your hair tends to get dry and brittle and if you are looking for a perfect ingredient to get healthier strands, then add a few drops of cedarwood in the bottle of your regular coconut oil and voila, you have made a magic potion for your hair. Cedarwood has hydrating qualities and messaging it onto your scalp triggers blood circulation of your skin, causing a significant reduction of flakiness or brittleness of your hair.

  1. Ylang-Ylang

Ylang-Ylang is a captivating flower, the oil of which condition the scalps and strengthen the hair follicles. Being a natural conditioner, it triggers sebaceous glands, to produce natural hair moisturizers. Furthermore, it is filled with antiseptic properties, which can be used to get rid of lice and fungal infections.

  1. Tea Tree

Everyone knows that tea tree oil is a popular choice to fix breakouts, what might come as a surprise to most is that tea tree oil also does wonders for hair. With the increased buildup of flakes on the scalp along with natural oil of hair, a waxy layer is formed over the scalp, causing irritation and clogging of hair follicles. Applying tea tree to the scalp can help clean the scalp and hence promote healthy hair growth.

Healthcare can almost feel like labor to many people because of the busy schedule. To ease your pain, Kaden Kor provides door to door service, so buy hair products online while sitting at home!

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