All accidents are horrible, but cyclists are more vulnerable in contrast to those driving or those traveling in a bus. Those commuting on cycles are susceptible to various dangers, meaning if they were to encounter a collision with any vehicle, or they lose balance, they will most probably experience severe injuries. The year 2016 alone saw 5,354 cyclist casualties in the UK. In comparison to that, there were only 262 car occupant deaths. 

Even though most cyclists take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves from potential injuries, such as wearing helmets, installing lights, and following all the safety instructions, but they still end up sustaining serious injuries when they’re involved in a cycling accident. 


Defining Cycle Accidents

A cycle accident is defined as any type of accident that causes a bicyclist to sustain an injury. These accidents happen on the road in most cases and are caused due to a collision with any other vehicle. Other causes of bicycle accidents are attributed to poorly made roads or oil spills that may cause the bicycle to slip. 

According to the law, all drivers have a duty of care towards everyone on the road. This basically means that they are obligated to drive responsibly to ensure the safety of other road users. These road users include other drivers, passengers in cars, buses, cycles, motorcycles, and even pedestrians. If the cycling accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, that driver will be held accountable. Also, if the cyclist suffered injuries because of a third party, for instance, a construction company that failed to make a proper road, causing the driver to slip and fall, this third party will be liable for all the damages. 

If you or someone you know encounters such an incident, know that you’re entitled to claim compensation. Get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal right away and we will provide you with the best personal injury claim lawyer. Additionally, we work on the basis of no win no fee in Scotland, so you will not be liable to pay until your claim is successful. You can be granted a bicycle accident claim payout to get yourself treated for all the injuries.


The Most Common Causes For Bicycle Accident Claims

  • Any vehicle coming out of a junction and hitting a cyclist in their path.
  • A vehicle overtaking the cyclist near a turn and turning without properly looking, causing the cyclist to crash into the side of the car, or be struck by another vehicle. 
  • Car drivers changing lanes in front of the cyclist’s path or getting into the lane of the cyclist. This can be caused when the vehicle does not have side mirrors. 
  • Vehicle drivers failing to indicate at turns and roundabouts and this turn causes the cyclist to crash into the turning car. 
  • The driver or passenger in a car suddenly opening their door, without looking that a cyclist was going to pass by, and subsequently, not giving them enough time to react. This impact will throw the cycle off their bike causing them severe injuries. 
  • Poorly made roads having bumps, potholes, and cracks, or other hazards, like oil spilt on the roads that may cause accidents. The freight company or local government will be held liable in this case. 

The cyclist reserves the right to claim against a car if they have sustained injuries that were caused due to someone else’s negligence. 


Treatment And Recovery

As mentioned above, cycle accidents can result in very serious injuries. If this causes a life-changing injury, like damage to the spinal cord or a severe head injury, the injured party will need extensive treatment. This treatment also includes instant medical care, and the victim may even need rehabilitation or psychological therapy. If the doctor deems the injury to be permanent, the injured person will require long-term care from a specialist or residential care. 

Submitting a claim in such circumstances is very crucial. If the cycle accident compensation claim is successful, the received payout will be able to cover all the expenses they will incur to get themselves treated.

Make sure you get in touch with a reputable and experienced solicitor to begin your case. Head over to Hamilton Douglas Legal to get free consultation about your case. If you reserve the right to claim, you’ll get the best injury lawyer from our company to take care of your case.

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