What is couple counselling?

In general, there are several different types of counselling like career counselling, family counselling, substance abuse counselling, couple counselling and more.

Couple therapy or couple counselling is a type of counselling technique that helps a couple in improving their relationship. In this type of counselling, couples get advice from a professional counsellor that tries to improve the relationship between the couple.

Counsellor also help couples in resolving the disputes between them.

In couple counselling, counsellors also come to know about the actual cause of dispute or issue between the couple. Hence, the counsellor may also help couples in coping with those issues and disputes.

Importance of couple counselling:

  • Get to know about relationship tools.

Yes, in couple counselling, you’ll come across various relationship tools that you can use to enhance and maintain your relationship. These are not mechanical tools but these are emotional tools like communication, love, care and affection.

  • Get a platform to share issues in your relationship.

Couple counselling acts as a platform where you and your partner can openly share and discuss the problem in your relationship. You can talk to the counsellor in an open friendly environment without any hesitations.

So, if you are looking for such a platform, then  Clinic is the place where you should be. At Clinic, counsellors will give you and your partner a platform where both of you can share about issues in your relationship. The counsellor will also help you in discovering the actual reason for conflict in your relationship.

  • Learn effective communication.

Communication is the most important element in a relationship. You know that all relationships have to go through certain ups and downs, but communication is the thing that can make it easy for couples to solve the disputes in their relationship.

Hence, if you want to learn the art of effective communication in a relationship, then you should surely take one session with a couple counsellor.

A counsellor will teach you and your partner important effective communication which will help you in maintaining a long and stable relationship with your partner.

  • Understand the cause of the problem.

The next advantage of couple counselling is that it will help you in understanding the cause of problems in your relationship. When you take a couple of counselling session at with any counsellor they will help you in understanding the cause of the problem in your relationship and will also help you in fixing it.

Couple counselling In India:

Couple counselling is not only important in India, but also in other countries as well.

No matter what type or kind of relationship you are in and from how many years, there is always a chance to face ups and downs in a relationship. These ups and downs may cause a severe impact on any relationship.

Sometimes the problem is so severe that it can also break your long relationship with your partner. But if you become aware of such issues and problems at an early stage then it won’t have any severe impact on your relationship.

This is where the couple counselling comes into play.

Couple counselling can help you in solving issues that are hindering your relationship. In couple counselling, you’ll learn about various techniques on how to keep your relationship smooth, healthy and long-lasting.

What to expect from couple counselling?

In couple counselling, counsellors work closely with couples within a systematic pattern. They determine the cause of the problem that is negatively affecting the relationship of the couple.

In order to determine the cause, the counsellor may use techniques like talk therapy to understand the cause of issues in a relationship. Later on, the counsellor will help the couple in solving their disputes.

FAQs about couple counselling:

What is couples counselling?

Couple counselling or couple therapy is a type of counselling technique that aims to improve the relationship of a couple.

What is the importance of couple counselling?

Couple counselling is important because it will help you in building a strong and long-lasting relationship with your partner. Couple counselling will also help you in resolving all the conflicts and issues with your partner.

What does a couple of counsellors do?

A couple of counsellors identifies the actual cause of a problem or issue that may be affecting the relationship of the couple. Couple counsellors may also give a platform to couples where they can share their thoughts openly with one other.




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