The natural material for carpet caters to your home with a luxurious and warm feel. It would be something that numerous synthetic carpet-manufacturing companies are trying to imitate with their respective models. Carpets manufactured from jute, wool, pineapple, hemp, coconut, and other plant fibers needing a careful and convenient cleaning method.

Among the several natural carpet types, wool has been highly preferred material for your carpet buying needs. The primary reason would be a higher production supply compared to the most environmentally friendly options. As a result, a majority of consumers would be aware of a wool carpet only rather than the other naturally sourced carpet materials. They may not be aware of the several new products reintroduced in the market.

Cleaning the natural carpets

Dust and soil from the wool carpet would be relatively easier to remove. The material entails the ability to release dry soil much easier than synthetic fiber. All you need to do is vacuum regularly along with deep cleansing could be scheduled once or twice in a year. It is recommended to do light vacuuming once to thrice a week. It would not help you over-expose the fibers to excessive friction and pressure.

Yet another method for extracting soil from wool would be through the sprinkling of carpet cleaning powder. With slightly agitating the carpet, you could extract everything by using a vacuum. However, you should be careful as excessive agitation could cause excessive wool carpet damage.

Similar to the other available carpets, you need to act immediately for spot removal. When the spill happens, blot the moisture out of the wool carpet using a clean towel. Henceforth, clean the area with an appropriate cleaning solution, rinse, and then dry it.

Rest assured the natural carpets hold moisture relatively easily. It makes them fire-resistant. However, it would also cause them to take time to dry. If the carpet were wet for a significant length of time, it would start to shrink and develop yellow stains. Therefore, when incorporating wet cleaning methods, ensure the carpet is dried completely and quickly. The fibers and fluff should be dried completely to help restore their volume and body.

Choice of carpet cleaning agents

Your choice of carpet cleaning materials would play a significant role in cleaning natural carpets. Therefore, it would be imperative to avoid dyes, bleaches, and strong chemicals. Ensure the cleaner could clean quickly and effectively. It would help you avoid exposing the carpet to water, cleaning agents, and other liquids for a considerable length of time. It would be in your best interest to choose the products having an alkaline level of ph 7 or less.

You should avoid using cleaning agents containing alkaline, bleaches, and those with ph levels higher than 9. It would cause the carpet to transform its natural color. Rest assured there is a specific cleaning method for particular carpet materials.

For effective maintenance of the natural carpet materials, it would be helpful to hire a professional carpet cleaning service at least once in a year. They would help you perform a thorough cleaning of the carpet. Add it to your regular cleaning and maintenance routines. It would help you keep the natural carpet appear great for times to come.

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