An open house is an important activity that real estate agents do to sell a home. Depending on the market you are catering to, open houses might be expected. Even if they are not the primary source of leads, you may still do them.


However, if you want to transform open houses into a gold mine, then keep on reading. We’ll be going over how you can conduct an open house effectively and efficiently.

Planning It Out

Before you actually have the open house, you have to do a number of things, such as:

Decide on a time

A tip that all realtors should know is that open houses are most successful during weekend afternoons. Prospective home buyers look for homes during the morning, so they can go to them at noon. You can try for weekdays after office hours, but most people will be in a rush to get home.


Make sure to give yourself a minimum one-week gap before the open house so you can get tasks done.


Social media is so important for advertising nowadays. You should use the Facebook Event feature to your advantage to invite people to the open house. Make sure to also market your open house on portals such as and Zillow, as well as the MLS.

To-Do List

There are a number of things you will have to prepare for the open house, such as:

  • Adding balloons and signage to grab people’s attention
  • Knock on neighbors’ doors
  • Stage the house, make sure it’s sparkling clean and decluttered 
  • Have as much light as possible
  • Have bottled water and finger food to serve 
  • Have a sign-up sheet
  • Freshen the air
  • Make sure you have cleaning supplies in case of an accident
  • Print out feedback forms ad property fliers
  • Make use of 360 panoramic virtual tours services for those who can’t make it

How To Conduct The Open House

You have now made it to the actual task. Here are things to keep in mind:

Focus On Selling The House And Not Yourself

Remembering who you are obligated to – the seller. You are representing them. If you have just spoken to a buyer and found that this house is not the right fit for them, but you have another house in mind, don’t just start advertising it.


Remembering: your task at hand is to just sell this listing first. You need to make your best effort to do that before you start suggesting your guests’ alternatives. Try to resist converting them till after the open house is done and you are following up with them.

Make Sure People Sign In And Also Submit Their Feedback

You need visitors to sign in. Not just to get an idea of how successful your open house was but also so you can follow up with them afterward. Make sure that the first thing you have visitors do is sign in and let them know to give you their feedback at the end as well.


You Are All Set!

Now that you know all the main tips and tricks involved in planning and hosting an open house, you can go on and try it for yourself! 

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