If you are sending your cargo to the UK from Dubai intending to leave the UK permanently or for a significant amount of time, you need to prepare yourself for not just high tea and castles. There is so much the UK offers to its residents which is why it has always been a number one destination for ex-pats around the world. Especially its capital London could not be more ideal for people who are searching where to start their new beginnings from.

After sending your cargo through the most efficient movers and packers Dubai, like direct Pakistan Cargo, here’s a brief checklist for you to consider and be prepared.

Do a thorough a research

Many expatriates before shifting to the United Kingdom would have a great understanding of life in the UK, due to its portrayal in the popular culture. However, there are chances that you might find living in the country very different from what you had anticipated and seen on screen. Therefore, doing a thorough research of different areas in the UK and life in Britain, cannot be stressed enough.

What does Brexit mean to you?

In June of 2016, the UK residents had voted to exclude the UK from the European Union.

As soon the UK leaves the union, the freedom of movement for both European and British citizens would likely come to an end. Furthermore, many other mutual benefits will end for both citizens.

Even today, there are serious negotiations taking place and the actual date for Brexit is still not confirmed. There is a likelihood that it will be a period of the transition period after you leave for the UK.

Finance Management

When you are moving from Dubai to the United Kingdom, it is crucial for you to manage your finances, because you will notice a huge price difference in both the countries.  You have to be wary of your long and short term expenses.

Move your mode of transportation

If you are planning to take your beloved car with you to Great Britain, then you need to keep in mind that unlike Dubai, the United Kingdom has narrower roads and that is not the only difference about driving in Dubai.

Don’t Abandon your pet

If you have a pet that you and your family adores, it is better to know the requirements of taking your furry family member with you rather than leaving it alone in Dubai.

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