9 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence is the regular impotence to maintain an erection satisfactory for sexual communication. The term “erectile dysfunction” is often used by healthcare specialists to explain this disease and distinguish it from other difficulties that conflict with physical contacts, such as lack of physical attraction. Every man at any point in his life presents symptoms of helplessness in varying sizes.

Health care specialists agree that cases of infertility are often connected to emotional issues. No man is, in principle, impotent. Still, confusion, fear, anxiety, ignorance, and a lack of knowledge may create a man to feel incompetent and a non-performer. The pair may encounter emotional severe effects and problems, which may have the unfavorable outcomes of withdrawal and separation from each other.

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction involve either one or a mixture of trouble obtaining a construction, difficulty supporting an erection, or overcome sexual communication desire. It is a persistent occurring difficulty, and many men have this difficulty. But having a good knowledge of the most popular possible causes can improve identify why you may be feeling the situation or how to prevent it. Here are the most popular nine potential problems or risks for erectile dysfunction. Tadalista 40 and Actilis is Best Medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction Problem in man.

1) Sexually transmitted infections STIs

Sexually transferred diseases that were previously called STDs can produce erectile dysfunction. If you both treat the prostate condition and take action to manage STIs, there might not be any erectile dysfunction difficulty. If, however, a prostate disease remains untreated, it may cause permanent harm. It is strongly suggested that a doctor be encouraged soon, rather than after the infection has increased.

2) Mental health

Psychological difficulties connected to erectile dysfunction involve generalized or performance anxiety, depression, tension, weakness, relationship struggles. While emotional factors alone can cause erectile dysfunction, numerous men with ED due to physical causes experience depression, guilt, low self-esteem, and anxiety, making the situation worse.

Well, a strong body is obtained with the help of a healthy brain. Your brain is able for obtaining and sustaining an erection. If you are in a position of mental distress or stress, your brain can have trouble building the nerve associations and publishing the hormones accountable for erection. However, these are flexible under the right maintenance and operation.

3) Low testosterone

An estimated 1 in 4 men has more moderate than normal levels of testosterone. Low testosterone called low T creates all types of health problems for men, from hair loss to sleeplessness, short sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

4) Diabetes

Diabetes, which can harm blood veins and tissues, is one of ED’s advance causes. It is estimated that nearly half of all men with diabetes have ED. Although erectile dysfunction prompted by diabetes is very likely to be reversible by managing your blood sugar levels and attending doctor’s information.

5) Cardiac related conditions

Erectile dysfunction can be an issue of cardiac difficulties. Without sufficient blood moving to the pelvic region, a complete and sustainable erection is hard to achieve. Atherosclerosis is a disease that causes the blood veins to become closed can cause erectile dysfunction. Hypertension and high cholesterol levels also enhance the risk of infertility.

6) Prostate inflammation or cancer

It is a reality that a harmful prostate can begin to erectile dysfunction as the prostate is useful for creating one of the semen’s parts. Prostate infection or cancer can make painful discharge and responsibility in producing an erection. It is good to discuss a doctor if you have recognized prostate problems or encountering an erection difficulty.

7) Lifestyle

Being overweight can make your body to turn testosterone into estrogen. Experts believe obesity and a settled lifestyle, including a delicate diet, no activity, no rest, can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is, nevertheless, a reversible difficulty. Men who want a harder penis and a better erection and men also use Aurogra 100 for better erection

8) Smoking

Tobacco and smoking reduce the blood flow; ultimately, the body, and also to the penis. Abuse of medications and alcohol can also cause erectile dysfunction. Blood flow and erection have close similarity. The more the blood flow to the pelvic region, the more comfortable it is to maintain an erection.

9) Medication side effect

Certain medicines can or cause erectile dysfunction such as antidepressants, blood pressure medicine, acid reflux remedies, and opioid prescriptions. It is never desirable to stop these medicines without a doctor’s prescription.


In most states, erectile dysfunction is reversible. Your physician will determine the treatment after examining the cause of the difficulty. The most famous treatment of erectile dysfunction will involve one or a mixture of the following treatment.

1) MedicationSuhagra 100 , Aurogra 100, Caverta 100, Tadalista 40, Actilis.

2) Therapy for the psychological difficulty to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, and other mysterious difficulties

3) Vacuum pumps- To draw blood to the penis to excite an erection

4) Exercise- Kegel exercises, aerobic activities, yoga, and meditation.

5) Diet- Following a balanced nutritional diet

6) Acupuncture and massage

7) Surgery – implants and vascular medicine

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